Second police officer dies after South Carolina ambush attack. Still nobody really talking about this.

Authorities on Monday said a second South Carolina police officer died from her injuries suffered in an ambush attack at the hands of an ex-Army sharpshooter earlier this month.

Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone said Deputy Farrah B. Turner died Monday. She had been hospitalized since the attack.

Boone said in a statement that Turner “was the ultimate professional, excelling at everything she did. She dedicated her life to serving the victims of the worst crimes imaginable.”

Turner was among seven law enforcement officers shot by 74–year–old Frederick Hopkins. They say the decorated Vietnam War opened fire without warning when officers arrived at his home Oct. 5 to speak with his son about a sex assault investigation.

This is the first I’ve seen on it. Horrifying. You have to wonder if this guy is crazy. PTSD or dementia? Definitely sounds paranoid. Bless the officers and their families. I cannot imagine the pain they are enduring.

Side issue- I hate that the media calls everything an assault rifle. Give me the make, model and caliber. I’ve seen them call a black .22 an assault rifle, they are clueless.

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