SECOND SHOOTING SCENE In The Las Vegas Massacre – Giles And Alibaba – Police Transcript Reveals Much More Than Reported!

by Ruby Henley
After reviewing real-time transcripts and audio from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, along with Firefighters; it is shocking to realize the Las Vegas massacre was a mass shooting event with multiple shooters. Not long after real-time audio events between the police and firefighters, the mainstream news media began a false narrative that Stephen Paddock was a “lone wolf.”
Although civilians and police officers alike were eye witnesses reporting multiple shooters on the ground, the “handlers” leaped over actual eye witness reports to establish a fictitious narrative that would dominate mainstream news media.  
The media was obviously sent orders to quickly turn on damage control and re-craft the “nightmare” into  one in which Stephen Paddock had setup a meticulously planned “military-style” ambush of innocent people enjoying themselves in “Sin City.”
I liken this to the “Killing Fields of Las Vegas” or to the “Hunger Games of Las Vegas,” as honestly it could be described as both of these things.  A group of innocent people were herded into an area that was then closed off by fences, lights were turned on them, and gunfire thought to be fireworks began to mow them down.
I want to discuss timeline events which are authentic and prove that “the powers that be” have yet again betrayed the American people, treating them like mere chattel.
11:23-25: Suspect reported down inside his room in Mandalay Bay.
“We are clearing this room. We have one suspect down.”
11:26-27: Officers announce and execute “another explosive breach,” then say the area is clear.
“The breach is going off here in about 5 seconds.”
“We’ve got these two rooms secure. We’ve got one suspect down, multiple firearms.”
NEXT as the clock nears and rounds midnight, the officers in the gunman’s room begin to turn up clues — including his address and the name of a possible person of interest.
BUT meanwhile, officers across the city struggle to vet and investigate a series of active shooter reports.
The following video offers an eyewitness account by a woman, who meticulously reports on her ordeal of staying at the hotel Aria, walking over to Planet Hollywood to eat, and ended up being quarantined by police in an underground room for hours.  Her father is an ex-police officer, from whom I am sure she learned her skills of documentation and her knowledge of guns.

My experience in Las Vegas during the shooting event at Planet Hollywood. CORRECTION TO TIMELINE EXPLANATION can be viewed here
Official Time is within 4 minutes of 11:22pm Nevada time. Also, please excuse the audio when I am doing the screencast. The webcam mic is crackling.
Gio Rios and his Girlfriend shot at In many different locations beginning with the Route 91 festival. PLEASE LISTEN TO HIM. He recounts shots fired and also crossfire situations during his long night!!! …
Canadian Couple in Bellagio for 10th anniversary Shots fired in the Lobby of the Hotel
10/18/17 YOUTUBE HAS TAKEN THIS VIDEO DOWN FOR THE 2ND TIME. I’M CURRENTLY SEARCHING FOR A NEW LINK TO THIS VIDEO. You can read the transcript of Jeff’s account  Episode 38 Mandalay Bay the Untold eyewitnes stories.
Austin and Patrick – Shots Fired at New York New York

People running at Ceasars Palace Casino

People running at the Aria
Las Vegas Shooting: An In-depth Analysis. Timeline of Events as They Occurred
A detailed analysis of Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) radio traffic –
The following confirms that gunshots came from Gate 7:
10:11 pm
Officer reports that the gunfire ‘sounds like its coming from an elevated position.’
Officer reports ‘multiple casualties.’
“Control be advised: shots are coming from Gate 7” (This report verifies that a second active shooter may be firing from Gate 7)
The following lends itself to the report there were active shooters at other venues other than the Mandalay.  Also, shockingly we have TWO SHOOTING LOCATIONS!  Remember this is actually police transcript:
10:43 pm
Pedestrian reports ‘older white male with black fatigues and a black bag went into a white motorhome by the Motel 6 (Corner of Cobalt and Tropicana on the south side.) Witnesses say he came from the area of the shooting.
10:46 pm
Multiple casualties reported at Giles and Alibaba.
10:48 pm
Around 20 dead bodies reported in the venue.
11:02 pm
Officer reports that a man in a maroon shirt and black short did not listen to his orders. He was headed to the Delano.
11:03 pm
Report of active shooters headed down the escalator from New York New York to the Excalibur.
[End of Transcript #1]
11:06 pm
Report: ‘Many subjects were down […] shooter at front desk of New York New York.’
Leaving the strip listening to live police scanner. 911 “Many subjects are down” / “Shooter at the front desk of NY NY” #LasVegasShooting
— Deep State Intel (@DeepStvte) October 11, 2017
11:07 pm
Officer reports that a male suspect got out of a white Ford super-duty dually truck and ran north with a rifle and hid in the bushes. 20-30 years of age. (Transcript #3)
11:08 pm
Control: ‘Please be advised there is a woman with a gunshot wound to the head at the Tropicana.’ (Transcript #3)
THE FOLLOWING PIC IS CIRCULATING AROUND THE INTERNET, BUT IT IS STRIKE TEAM 6 AT THE TROPICANA RESPONDING TO A CALL:  A 6-man Strike Team enters the casino floor at the Tropicana. (Screenshot via KPCCRadio/YouTube)
This is interesting as reporter Laura Loomer said she had a receipt which might prove Marilou Danley was with Stephen Paddock.
11:59 pm
Zebra-Twenty finds a credit card in the shooter’s room which bears the name “Marilou Danley” on it. (Transcript #3)
Here again, we have another mention of Giles:
12:20 am
Reports of gunshot victims at Reno and Giles
Officer: ‘One in custody at the Motel 6.’
Here is the actual live communications – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dispatch Scanner Audio Mass shooting (Warning Graphic)

And here:
Again to back up reports and audio on second shooting scene:

“CONFIRMED there are at least 2 shooters with fully automatic weapons,” a police officer reported at 18:54 in the recording.
Multiple scenes then developed across Las Vegas, with police reporting and confirming multiple active shooters at the Tropicana and New York, New York Hotel-Casino (NY, NY).
“CONFIRMED – Giles and Alibaba, casualties, East of the Catholic Shrine. SO WE HAVE TWO SCENES!,” said another officer at 38:30 in the recoding, confirming that there were casualties at Giles and Alibaba, a location out of range of Stephen Paddock’s gunfire from the Mandalay Bay.
Again here it is confirming two shooting scenes:


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34 thoughts on “SECOND SHOOTING SCENE In The Las Vegas Massacre – Giles And Alibaba – Police Transcript Reveals Much More Than Reported!”

  1. ALERT: For anyone who asks where Giles and Alibaba are in relation to Mandalay Bay – here is the following that will explain that.Ali Baba
    4 – “Control 224-IC confirming I have casualties at Ali Baba and Giles east of the Catholic shrine as well as in the Mandalay Bay, so we have 2 scenes”
    Sidenote: Ali Baba and Giles is quite far from he Mandalay Bay, so far in fact it doesn’t even appear on the map shown above (~6 miles SE of Mandalay Bay)

    • Where to begin… let’s start with the easy one. Google Giles St. and East Ali Baba Lane. That is the location being referenced. Now, when you do post the map of where it is in relation to the concern venue.

      • I am sorry. Can you just tell me directly if you are familiar with Giles and Alibaba ? I am not …I have never been there. I took the officer’s word when he said there was a second shooting scene. At you telling me Paddock could have that far a distance? And are you telling me that someone could have run that far severely injured? I like straight talk.

        • Giles St. is the street directly east of the concert venue. East Ali Baba Lane is about the mid point of the concert venue running east. It is literally across the street. The Christian Shrine is on the next corner north at Giles St. and E. Reno. These are all the points mentioned in your referenced material.
          I supplied a link in my previous reply but you can check for yourself.
          Basically the people who ran out of the back side of the venue away from Mandalay Bay ran right into that intersection. This is something that was very easily discerned with about 30 seconds worth of time on Google maps. Certainly changes just about everything in this article wouldn’t you say?

          • When something is described as a scene it means they have a location with casualties. They don’t know what it’s related to until investigated. So when people show up wounded somewhere that becomes a scene. People were taken all over causing multiple scenes.
            That doesn’t change the fact that this article is complete garbage because you went on some wild goose chase for some far away location and ignored that it was actually across the street. Did you actually look into what I described? Do you have the integrity to acknowledge that is where they were referring?
            As to the rest. Answer this. Why are there no videos or pics from other places showing shooting? Why are no other places shut down for investigation? Why have no victims said they were elsewhere when shot? Why have no friends and families of victims said they were elsewhere besides the concert when they were shot? Have all the resorts conspired to hide that shootings occurred in their establishments and reopened immediately hiding all evidence?
            You’re basing this on the fog of war. Ear witness accounts. No actual visual evidence. No first hand visual evidence of any kind.

          • You listen up, Andrew. I worked from the transcript and from the audio. I believe those two pieces of evidence. The police have eyes and ears, and I happen to believe that Paddock could not shoot that far! It is clear to me that the police were overwhelmed, because shooters were at other locations. In fact, in one video I saw the people were running, and someone was shooting at them as they ran. Who are you, Andrew to call the police liars?

          • I’m calling you a hack. As someone with a background in law enforcement I know exactly what they are referring to.
            I notice you still have not acknowledged that Giles and Ali Baba is the intersection to the east of the concert venue. That Reno and Giles is the next street North. That the shrine they mention is on that corner.
            I’ll take my leave. Clearly you have no interest in being factual and admitting your errors. Continue to point to a location miles away ignoring that the location I’ve spoon fed you fits literally every part of what is described on the transcript. EVERYTHING.

          • Well done sir.
            There is enough confusion and lies to cloud this tragedy already.
            Keeping the independant reporters accountable to the facts is paramount to letting the truth be known.
            Mike Vanderboegh would have been pleased.

          • Dear Mr. Bowman, again, and I will tell you not to troll this thread. I listened to the audio, and I read the transcript, and I have a brain. I used my brain to take both pieces and put them together to come to the same conclusion that most people would at this point. I believe this is a massive cover up, and I further believe there as more than one shooter. I do believe there was bloodshed, and that is my bottom line.

        • Ruby, I had offered to assist you before in understanding the technical facts of guns and firearms in general. You posted a response that had nothing to do with my offer.
          Andrew is correct, logical and thorough in his assesment.
          You are acting/reacting like someone who has been personnaly slighted….
          As for the range of the bullets, a lot of factors need to be looked at, but yes his rifle rounds would have reached targets at those locations. The wounding effect WOULD be diminished as range increases, but without knowing who was wounded or killed and where exactly they were you would have no way to plot this out.
          I do believe there was more than one shooter, but not because of anything you have shown thus far. The acoustic signitures time gaps are not consistant with a one shooter scenario.
          I suggest you reevaluate your tone and bias in your search for the truth.

          • Dear Mr. Bowman, I respect your technical abilities. I, however, did what I told you above. That is all I will say. Why would I allow you to affect my judgement when I do not even know you. I am slighted as this is my country, and I am very sick of being affected by the elite and their little schemes.

          • Ruby, I dont ask you to “believe” what I may help you to understand regarding firearms. It will be easily verifiable.
            I too am sick of our govt lies and having been in the employ of the govt in one form or another for 30 years, Ive seen my share. I am not “trolling” this thread but would only care to see the truth come to light. You seem to be devoted to crackig this nut and I applaud tbat drive, but when you make comments about guns and firearms that shows you are not knowledgeable about the subject how can I do any less than offer to educate?
            If that is “trolling” then I guss I just dont understand the term you younger people are using.
            Again I suggest you take a breath and re read that which Andrew has posted and consider that you might in fact be mistaken.

          • Dear Mr. Bowman, I suggest you take a look at the bullet analysis I have added to my just published “Further Investigation…” and please comment respectfully to that video. I find it compelling, and i do not see how anyone could offer a better analysis. I would love to have your opinion.

          • Ruby, I watched the video PROOF above. I am certain after watching it that the person who made the video has a basic misunderstanding of the sounds bullets make.
            I’ll give you an example if a shooter goes out into a Kansas corn field miles from any obstructions and takes a high velocity rifle round like a 5.56 and fires it straight up into the air it will of course be a loud single crack that is heard from the shooters point of view. If however the shooter is in a room in a city and fires the round horizontally down a street, every time the bullet passes a horizontal surface like a building wall it will reverberate some of the sound back towards the shooting position as it passes the wall….it would be a crack crack crack diminishing in volume as it travels away from the shooter.
            This diminishing sound of multiple cracks would not be registered by the shooter because of the proximity to the muzzle blast and the weakness off the reverberating shockwave, But a bystander parallel to the path of the bullet flight would possibly pick up on it.
            Humans have bi-aural hearing (just like our eyes) to help us distinguish sounds and distances and directions, but Mics on cellphones are a condensing both of those sound inputs (two ears) into a single point.
            The reason I’m saying this is in the video above the maker is “counting the shots” but some of the sounds that they are counting are the down range sonic cracks and some are the muzzle reports. If you accept that the shooter in the Mandalay Bay WAS actually shooting SOME of the rounds (not saying it was Paddock just that there was a shooter there) and that he shot from more than one window, the sounds you hear condensed on the single point mics of the cellphones could certainly be a shooter firing from the same location but shooting at two different directions and the attendant sonic cracks at the cell phones location.
            I would suggest that the Rate of Fire is more concrete a form of evidence to determine if more than one gun was used. An M-16 or AK variant firing in full auto will have a certain cadence…a FN Mag 58/M240 would have a certain cadence. If you can locate a video with its sound that contains the different cadence of the cyclic rate of fire OVERLAPPING each other….presto…..proof, ironclad irrefutable and undeniable.
            Now, don’t get wrapped around the names of the guns, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the overlap of the muzzle reports….NOT the sonic cracks at the target because depending on the speed of the bullet and the varying distance the cadence of the sonic cracks will vary from a single firing point.
            To wit, if a shooter moves his muzzle up 10 inches (a large movement by the shooters standard) the bullet could travel two to four hundred feet further at the target( the further the shooter the greater the difference, it simple trig) so a recording device would have two different time stamps on the impact side but not two different time stamps on the muzzle side.
            Therefore taking all this into account, I’m sorry to say that the video above does very little to prove or disprove the multiple shooter theory.
            As for the ear witness accounts of civilians knowing if the bullets were being fired at them from an elevated position or horizontally, rubbish. There is a reason the courts take such a dim view of “Eyewitness Accounts” when it comes to the courts….ever see “My Cousin Vinny”? The people being shot at would be hearing the sonic cracks whizzing by them but to suggest that in the moment of terror they were all imbued with superhuman hearing to reverse triangulate the trajectory and parabola of bullet drop from incoming rounds? Nope.
            Again, if you want to PROVE two shooters find a video where separate RATES OF FIRE are overlapping.
            I don’t have time nor the inclination to continue yet another “search for the truth” when even if the proof is found, nothing will EVER be done about it. Hillary isn’t going to jail, and Seth Rich is still just as dead, as are the Tsanrnov and Lanzas and Oswalts.
            Good luck though, keep questioning the official storyline. Oh and I would do some research on the fuel tank that was shot….what size hole? what metal is the tank and how far from the window was it…these are hard evidence that can be calculated to determine kinetic energy of the rounds at that distance….if the energy is far too great for the possibility of penetration then someone else must have shot it or it was shot with a different weapon/caliber……

  2. Where is the video of the bullet holes or broken glass at the casinos? There is zero! Why are there absolutely ZERO bullet holes in the room door of Stephen Paddock if he supposedly fired 200 rounds through this door striking Jesus Campos? Sure there were two or three shooters in Vegas probably all firing blanks. Who is this clown that is or is not Jesus Campos who was on the Ellen show?
    The more I have investigated the Las Vegas shooting the more it looks like a complete hoax just like Sandy Hook and Orlando with purposeful misinformation and disinformation disseminated to confuse researchers. Australian Brian Hodge’s complete testimony makes no sense claiming there were multiple shooters, multiple dead, and that a security guard had been killed on the 32nd floor, not to mention his claim of hiding in the bushes for hours. He has yet to be re-interviewed since. Miles Mathis details in his report that none of the victims are real from searches of Intelius and InstantCheckMate: The 4th floor strobe light, the multiple shooters with clear acoustic evidence, the faux Youtube video of Paddock at an
    anti-Trump rally, the Hispanic lady telling attendees of the event “they are all going to die,” the faux shooting at the Bellagio without any real evidence of the event, the black SUVs, the 9-10-17 4chan thread that is also internally inconsistent, the background and AirBnb history of Stephen Paddock, and the coup de grace, similar to the Sandy Hook children at the Super Bowl, the posted Youtube video of the dead ringer of Paddock in Atlantic, NJ on October 6 posted by a now defunct Twitter user named YouFold2Me. Get it? I finally did?.

    • I believe it really happened and is not a hoax. In an interview with a lady who was at the Bellagio it was clear there was a shooter. Her husband a retired Marine said there definitely was. She said that the staff there cleaned up the debris extremely fast. I believe that this was a coordinated attack with quite a few shooters. I do not believe for a moment it as a hoax.

    • Apollo, as much as I do think you have a point. I have no seen the door with my own eyes. Have you? Jesus Campos went on the Ellen Show, because he was told to by his handlers. MGM produces the Ellen Show. As far as the pics, I do feel you are on to something.

  3. Hey, Andrew, I challenge you to get some type of correction from the official report. If the you are calling the police liars, you need to put your money where your mouth is. Get me proof the police lied. I happen to trust the men in blue.

    • I hope the people who read this drivel are at least honest enough to check a map of the concert venue. Clearly you are not.
      And clearly you don’t trust them since the LVPD official position is one shooter, one location.

      • Andrew, clearly you are a troll. If you read over my writing on this audio, clearly you will see it matches what I quoted in this thread. Clearly, you are nothing but a blow hard, and frankly I am sick of going back forth with you. I stand by what I wrote. You need to back off. If you do not, I will make sure you are will never be on my posts again.

        • Sure. Threaten to silence anything that shows you are wrong. And yet you can’t acknowledge something as simple as a map location. Have you looked at it? Have you seen that everything I have said is 100% accurate? Providing information that is verifiably accurate is trolling now? I tried initially to show you that the location they were talking about was right there. Feet away from the concert location. You responded with vitriol and completely ignored what I was trying to show you.
          So go ahead. Ban me from your comments. That will do nothing to take away from the fact that you are dishonest in your writing and unwilling to reexamine yourself when someone gives you 100% verifiable information. You can call me a troll all you want. I’m also right. You, sadly, can not claim the same.
          Just tell me the Giles and Ali Baba isn’t the intersection immediately east of the concert venue. Your whole story is based in that misunderstanding. So tell everyone reading this whether or not you can show any integrity and admit a mistake.

  4. Marilou Danley was supposed to be in the Philippines at the time of the shooting and her return to LV from Manilla is documented. How could she have been in the room with the shooter? Just wondering.

  5. Since, I am being trolled here, I am doing another report to further backup my belief that this is a massive cover up concerning the Las Vega massacre. I respect differing opinions, but the truth is I am being attacked, and I reported nothing more here but what I heard on the audio recording….not made just by anyone, but the Las Vega Metro Police. I further believe this was a massive terrorist attack by more than one party. I hope to have my new report published sometime today. I will back it up with credible sources.

      • Apollo, I care for you as a friend here, as you have a brilliant mind. I need to further investigate everything you say, as I know you are a very deep thinker. I promise you I will try to do just that. Please continue to add everything you suspect here. We need to have open and honest discussion. You have never ever been disrespectful to me. if I made you feel you have, please forgive me.


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