Secret Service Investigates MADONNA, As Radio Stations And Others Ban Her For Being Anti-American.

by Pamela Williams

Madonna, why do you and so many women hate America?  America has been good to you, and all of you are hypocrites.  When your beloved Obama took office, did we Republicans march on Washington during his inauguration?  No, we did not, because we have more respect and honor of the voting process in this Country.  You voted for Obama, and we did not; however, you won.  We respected that.  Why can’t you respect us and give President Trump a chance, as we gave Obama?  I am mad…really mad at you and your Hollywood counterparts.  All of you are spoiled and lack the intelligence to even understand a democracy!
What about your children?  You are teaching them to throw a tantrum if they do not get their way, and are you even home at all with them?  What are they going to grow up to think about their Country and the democratic process?  You are raising children who will never support their own Country by respecting what the voter’s choose.  Did you and your Hollywood pals even bother to vote?  C’mon be honest, Madonna.  Were you lacking for attention; thus, you were willing to get it by encouraging those around you to act violently and blow up the White House?  Well, now you are getting the attention you deserve by the Secret Service investigation.  Are you happy now?
Madonna is getting hit where it hurts – in her pocket book.  This is all those in Hollywood understand.

A Texarkana classic hits radio station won’t be playing “Material Girl” anytime soon: HITS 105 has knocked Madonna off its playlist as “a matter of patriotism,” calling the singer’s Women’s March on Washington speech “un-American.”
In a statement posted on the station’s Facebook page, general manager Terry Thomas said “Banning all Madonna songs at HITS 105 is not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of patriotism. It just feels wrong to us to be playing Madonna songs and paying her royalties when the artist has shown un-American sentiments. If all stations playing Madonna took their lead from us, that would send a powerful economic message to Madonna.”
All patriotic radio stations should follow the lead of HITS 105.  I have always liked Madonna, and I have always loved Hollywood, but now they disgust me…no more Ashley Judd movies or Madonna’s late and great hits.  I wish others would follow in that action.
Those who are boycotting Madonna include Newt Gingrich, Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus.  I am in good company, and I hope others will follow with us.  Madonna has done something dangerously serious by speaking of blowing up our Capitol, in the fact she may have triggered other unstable people to attempt the same.  Yes, Madonna is unstable to say something such as that, and we have had enough trouble with terrorism in the world without her adding to it.
I ask the Secret Service to take this seriously and charge Madonna…it is only fair that they do to her what they would do to someone else, who had made such a dangerous threat.  She has also said to the Secret Service:  “F..k you.”  Madonna needs to be held accountable.

Apparently unconvinced by the explanation, HITS 105, which plays songs from the 1960s to ’80, banned Madonna indefinitely, an announcement that drew more than a few snipes from Facebook commenters.
“Well, I guess your publicity tricks are working,” responded one. “Now I know this radio station exists. Thank Madonna for that.” (The station thanked that reader for his “light hearted answer”). Said another Facebooker, “You have 600 likes and are just using Madonna for attention. Her remarks were on behalf of women’s rights, your ban is for a cheap ratings stunt. You are confusing patriotism with blind, partisan zeal and theatrics.”
And then there was this: “Who listens to terrestrial radio anymore?” Responded HITS 105, “We have an app in the App Store, or the Play store, if you would prefer to listen on your phone.”

Published on Jan 22, 2017

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