Security Guard From Las Vegas Vanished – Nowhere To Be Found… Fox Starting To Call Out The Vegas Investigation Inconsistencies

This keep getting more strange by the day.
Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos disappears moments before TV interviews
Where in the world is Jesus Campos?
The Mandalay Bay security guard shot by Stephen Paddock in the moments leading up to the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history was set to break his silence Thursday night with five television interviews, including one on Fox News, Campos’ union president said.
Except when the cameras were about to roll, and media gathered in the building to talk to him, Campos reportedly bolted, and, as of early Friday morning, it wasn’t immediately clear where he was.

“We were in a room and we came out and he was gone,” Campos’ union president told reporters, according to ABC News’ Stephanie Wash.
UPDATE: Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Skips 5 Interviews, Goes Missing — And Now His Family Is Under Gag Order
“How come @seanhannity didn’t run the interview tonight?,” tweeted reporter Laura Loomer.

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Fox starting to call out the Vegas investigation inconsistencies
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34 thoughts on “Security Guard From Las Vegas Vanished – Nowhere To Be Found… Fox Starting To Call Out The Vegas Investigation Inconsistencies”

  1. Fox news can prove right now if there part of the cover-up and work for deep state actors or the real deal,, by reporting on all the inconsistencies coming out of the mouth of the FBI/LVPD if they don’t,, you know who controls them….dont hold your breath that they do the right thing.

    • Historically interesting and sad….yes….but entertaining, funny or dramatic…no. We…”Tin-Foil-Hat-Conspiracy-Theorists”… have been trying to explain the game, the rules of the game….(none)…and the measurement for who won the game to others for decades. We have been laughed at, ridiculed and abused by people too lazy, brainwashed or incompetent to care. History will laugh at the way so many Americans…hypnotized, programmed and propagandized into their world of comfort, desire and…”accomplishments”…(i.e.- Money), lost track of what freedom, liberty and individual dignity was all about. The people let this happen, in spite of our vast knowledge of the level of corruption that has preceded us, and that which will follow. Idiots.
      RJ O’Guillory

        • The Powers-That-Be have purposefully created an environment of chaos, misdirected anger and uncertainty…as well as what they believe is…”fear”…among…”We The People”. They are feeding us bread & circuses while the economy crashes. As the Corrupt US Government Cabal and other quisling-governments carry out their continued…”Continuity of Government”…plans…in light of the coming financial failure of The US and the world….we are forced to endure these known lies and idiocy such as their story about 911, Sandy Hook, Boston and now LV. Continuity of Government was originally considered during the early days of atomic warfare to insure appropriate transfer of powers. But GHW Bush, Dick Cheney and his Gang of traitors re-wrote the plan to save the elite when the demographic and economic collapse becomes a certainty. That time is upon us, except that Russia and China seem to have thrown a wrench into the US/NATO Timeline for full-fledged-world-hegemony…and have stopped the idiocy in Syria for the moment…(relatively speaking that is). However, as China, Russia and the world move away from the worthless dollar…The US Cabal needs WW III in order to cement their world leadership. If you read about any of their plans, you will come to understand that they think they can get away with, and win a war with China, Russia and others through the use of miniaturized, tactical nuclear weapons. Good luck with that. The domestic oppression begins in earnest once the war kicks off, and The Cabal will not tolerate any public objections to their behavior. Besides, they want 90% of us dead sooner rather than later anyway. What a coincidence.
          RJ O’Guillory

  2. “This keep getting more strange by the day.”
    LMAO. How’s this for strange…
    Jesus Campos = Jesus Country/Fields
    Marilou Ocampo Natividad = Marilou Field Nativity
    Paddock = Small field enclosure
    Route 91 -HARVEST- festival
    Charlotseville = James Fields
    On reddit, they say “campo” means field in spanish, but the first definition is “countryside/country”.
    Jesus Campos… Hidden meaning of a fake name?

  3. The man was a fool to believe that he can report to the corporate media about the flaws of the Deep State. Don’t believe the nonsense on TV and movies that the corporate press are looking after the common man to inform us of anything for a paycheck. Evidence that he really knew or saw something that was of benefit to the public.

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  5. There. Is absolutely No Good reason for the FBI to have deleted video and messages from phones or to place a gag order on an eyewitness and his family…other than to hide the truth of what really happened.

  6. So if he supposedly got shot in the leg….where was he treated for this gunshot wound? And why is he not listed as a licensed contractor security guard with the State of Nevada but listed as a Wackenhut (G4S Security Solutions) employee? The very same company that employed the Omar Mateen Pulse shooter!!! Gee how convenient is this?


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