Eyeballing The Losses – Massive Fire In Napa/Sonoma Counties in California, Many Homes Destroyed Again Today

by Chris
Here’s a quick attempt to line up a crude fire outline with a Zillow map for the northern parts of Santa Rosa as a means of eyeballing the costs of the fire.
First, here’s the fire outline with some colored circles to help us orient to the next maps:

I’m not sure if the fire has spread any beyond this, as the map is 2 days old, but I don’t think it’s headed any further south into the populated areas.
Next here’s a wide-view Zillow map showing all the homes for sale with my crude, hand-drawn fire boundary on it.  Each dot is a home for sale.  The green line is Rte 101, the purple circle is a lake, and the green circle to the south is Rte 116.

Zooming in a bit, this next image allows us to eyeball the prices of the homes for sale in the affected area.  The second purple circle to the south is the Rte 12/101 intersection.

None of this was very exact.  Just trying to get a sense of things.
Those were some pricey homes, which isn’t a surprise.

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