See Which U.S. Cities Robots Are Making Humans Irrelevant! We Will Face Extermination!

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The robots are coming… what’s your opinion on this? Are robots and automation good or bad? Or is it how the technology is used that really matters?

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China’s New AI Police Station Won’t Have Humans
Chinese robot dentist is first to fit implants in patient’s mouth without any human involvement | South China Morning Post
The Age of Automation: Welcome to the Next Great Revolution
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metro-20170814-muro-robotstable1.jpg (1058×842)
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9 thoughts on “See Which U.S. Cities Robots Are Making Humans Irrelevant! We Will Face Extermination!

  1. When life takes a backseat to profit technology becomes our prison. Going to be a challenge to keep the masses from hanging the owners of the machines.

  2. It begins in the coffee shops and farm fields and grows out from there. A certain group of people acting to maintain their existance will take it upon themselves to sacrifice the hoi poloi (unwashed masses) from their jobs. Welcome to Hunger Games

  3. Maybe the only chance we’ll have to defeat this Brave New World is to cause blackouts so robots can’t recharge and update. It will also prevent proper function of their prison grid which needs electricity 24/7/365 because of microchip control of CCTV, comm’s, keypad security etc. They can’t run their totalitarian state on batteries, generators and uncharged robots. They’ve already forced people out of the equation because they didn’t want to pay wages so replacement by skilled people is out.

  4. I am always left with the feeling that pornography is the impetus for all this new technology.
    From photography, movies, vcr, camera, computers to the net and robots, man’s desire to jack off is a powerful thing.
    “If you build it , he will come.” /sarc, snicker.

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