Grand Jury Empaneled In Case Against Wife Of Bernie Sanders
Grand Jury Empaneled In Case Against Wife Of Bernie Sanders……

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7 thoughts on “Grand Jury Empaneled In Case Against Wife Of Bernie Sanders”

  1. This should apply to ALL who pose as liberals but live as Conservatives and then attack Conservatives for daring to defend themselves. Make them walk home with their groceries through the gang infested streets that their “liberalism” create We need the “Close RACIST LIBERAL HYPOCRITE BIGOT Bernie Sanders loopholes” Act…. if you demonstrate & DEMAND people integrate —- YOU have to live in a DIVERSE neighborhood !!!!!! MOVE Sanders into the Chicago Ghetto so he can spend his declining years mixing with those he SAYS he loves. Don’t you DARE demand I integrate while YOU RUN AWAY .
    Sanders was born and raised in the New York City borough of Brooklyn and graduated from the University of CHICAGO in 1964. While a student, he was an active civil rights protest organizer for the CONGRESS OF RACIAL EQUALITY and STUDENT (not really)NONVIOLENT COORDINATING COMMITTEE.
    Bernie ran to Vermont in 1968, to get away from BLACKS to raise HIS family in SAFETY Sanders switched PARTIES, BETRAYED the Veterans, and instigates the Blacks and then RUNS AWAY.
    In January 1962, Sanders led a rally at the University of Chicago administration building to protest university president George Wells Beadle’s segregated campus housing policy. “We feel it is an intolerable situation when Negro and white students of the university cannot live together in university-owned apartments,” Sanders said at the protest. But then Sanders ran to SAFE LILLY WHITE VERMONT to raise HIS children far away from those Blacks he demands you raise your children among.
    Isn’t this the the guy that was going to stand up to the corrupt banking and military establishment, that ended up endorsing that war criminal Clinton who has been taking bribes from the entire banking industry (in the form of “speeches” of course) – the woman that stole the primary from him, that he was too cowardly to stand up to after she did? Now How much did she pay him ………….. enough for a new house

    • Sessions is a necessary evil.
      He has over 10,000 indictments waiting in the wings when normally only under 1000 get brought up in 1 year.
      He has been a busy beaver.
      He is playing possum , I am willing to let him do his thing for at least to the end of this year.
      Trump has a plan and it is in We The People’s best interest.


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