Global Debt Hits ALL-TIME RECORD HIGH! This is Why Interest Rates Are Record Low!

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Do you think debt is ONE of the reasons why interest rates remain low for all these years, despite the constant propaganda that the economy is doing well?

Global debt has been rising. Is that a surprise to anyone? There are no countries which can reduce their debt simply because in order for a country to create something, it must be born out of debt. Debt is the birthplace of all creation in this banker-controlled world. And that’s why it is the system which they use to control everything in our lives either directly or indirectly.
Global Debt Monitor – January 2018 | The Institute of International Finance
Global Debt Hits Record $233 Trillion – Bloomberg
iif total debt 1.png (478×319)
IIF global debt q3 2017 v2.jpg (890×658)
IIF 10Y forecasts.jpg (890×651)
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