Buckle Up – US Government Launches Ultra-Secret “ZUMA” Payload Into Orbit – President Trump/Government Working With Elon Musk.

by Ruby Henley
You must buckle up to read this article.  There are so many twists and turns, and I am going to try to cover them all.  Technically speaking, Elon Musk’s Space-X has announced they have successfully launched a Falcon-9 rocket from their Florida launch pad.  The Zuma spacecraft has been launched in unison with President Trump, Elon Musk, the Air Force, and NASA.
The Falcon 9 lifted off at 8 p.m. EST from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, on Florida’s Space Coast.  Northrop Grumman did reveal that Zuma is going to LEO (low earth orbit), but that information doesn’t tell us much; this range of altitudes houses a variety of spacecraft, from reconnaissance, weather and communications satellites to the International Space Station. We don’t know what Zuma’s exact orbit is, although there is no doubt that amateur satellite trackers will be working hard over the coming days and weeks to track it.
Zuma is a part of a National Security mission, and Elon Musk’s company, Space-X, is now working with the Government.  I had heard of many trips Musk had made to the White House since President Trump had taken office.  President Trump has lofty goals for the Space Program, as he wants to put men on the moon soon.  The fact that we know water is on the moon is something Trump is very interested in, along with the mineral resources there.
As all of you know there are different sources of information on the Internet that is not on mainstream media.  The above is on mainstream media, and I am going to give you links below to give you more technical information.
www.space.com/38826-spacex-launches-secret-zuma-mission-lands-rocket.htmlSpaceX Launches Secret Zuma Mission for US Government, Lands Rocket
By Mike Wall, Space.com Senior Writer | January 7, 2018 08:19pm ET
This is an absolutely thorough and excellent video by Pete Santilli, published on Jan 7, 2018.  I am sure a lot of you are familiar with Pete Santilli.  He is the reporter, who covered the situations with the Bundy Ranch and later the Malheur Refuge Occupation by the Bundy Brothers and many others.  This, of course, ended with LaVoy Finicum being shot and killed by the authorities, leading up to an incarceration of most of the occupiers.  Santilli covered these events as a alternative news and YouTube journalist.  He was arrested, spent time in prison, and thankfully he was later released.  Now he is back to reporting and doing his daily YouTube broadcast.
And the really good news is the Bundy trial has been dismissed.
Now we are going to a video by a very well-respected gentleman on YouTube.  His name is Roy Potter, and he is a former US Army LTC of 28 years. He served in various Military Police and Military Intelligence positions around the globe. After his military career, he served the people as a municipal police officer for about 3 years. I feel he is a honest and reliable source for the two worlds of communications we are now living in.

Next, we need to discuss what Santilli and Potter both discuss in their videos.  I know mainstream media and those, who trust it, have no idea who the character “Q” is.  But many of you reading this are in the process of keeping up with him.  Many YouTube personalities make videos everyday about Q posting on the Internet forum 4chan.  The truth is 4chan is the only place the real “Q” actually posts and communicates with the awakened populace like many of you reading this.  If anyone else on any other website posts as “Q”…this person will be an imposter.
Now, we are going to speak about the story, which has burst forth from Q and another entity associated with Q, who is female and posts on Twitter as “B.” These entities tweet in unison much of the time with President Trump or POTUS.  It has been thought President Trump might, in fact, be “Q.”  I simply do not know, but I do believe he is a very close associate of Trump.  And you must understand that the Internet community believes Q and B are legitimate Trump associates.
Below are some of the recent postings from Q on 4chan:
First of all, here is a tweet from Pete Santilli, who compiled and posted the Q posts connected to the Space-X launch, which has just occurred.

Santilli did a screen capture of the Q posts from this morning at the time of the Space Launch.  Please read them before we go any further in this story.  As you can see, Defcon 1 is mentioned.
At this mention from Q, it created a stir on YouTube, as again, Q is considered to be a reliable and legitimate associate of President Trump.
Not only is Q considered to be that, so is the entity, B.

Further Santilli grabbed a screenshot of the other posts at 4chan from Q at the time of the Space Launch.  I told you to buckle up for the twists and turns of this story.
When LTC Roy Potter saw B had posted that we are in a Defcon 1 Level – nonnuclear, which was what Q posted on 4chan at the time of the Space Launch, he was livid.  To understand how upset he was, please watch his above video.
As you know, Defcon 1 is the highest alert level, which can be transmitted.  However, it was only transmitted to those of us who follow Q and B on Twitter and on 4chan.  Potter, with his military background, felt it was deeply wrong to the American public to only transmit this to the Internet.
He even spoke about having children, and he felt such a warning should be given to the American citizens, so everyone could prepare.  He broadcast his extremely angry response on YouTube and then Periscope on Twitter.
Please watch his twitter feed after he and B talked about the incident:

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Finally, I am going to be straightforward with what Potter had to say after talking to B.  He said most people in the know believe we have launched a low level EMP into space against North Korea.  I do not know about the timing of such an event; however, this is what many in the know believe.
Trump has spoken about North Korea often, and he has warned he would not put up with Kim much longer.  It is believed Kim is readying himself for more missile launches soon.  
Now as I told you in the technical section, the Launch is a top-secret government mission.  I do believe Roy Potter.  He and Santilli both said we should prepare ourselves for multiple events ahead this week.
I believe that President Trump is taking on the Deep State, and he has communicated this to those of us, who accept the Deep State as a legitimate threat.
Potter said that North Korea is a part of the Deep State and CIA.  So if Trump is going after North Korea, he is going after the Deep State.
Potter did not say that we WERE NOT at Defcon 1.  He only said that we should PREPARE.  I TOOK IT AS we are at Defcon 1, but it had not been officially announced.
Take the whole thing as you want, but at least please look at all the links and videos…choosing for yourself what you believe.  God Bless America.   


3 thoughts on “Buckle Up – US Government Launches Ultra-Secret “ZUMA” Payload Into Orbit – President Trump/Government Working With Elon Musk.”

  1. If true, 4chan is a cesspool of discourse without any standards not worthy of any official communication from the leader of the free world. I had to find this out myself the hard way. How the country has degenerated from the days of Ronald Reagan’s addresses to the nation.

  2. The idea that North Korea is run by the Deep State and CIA essentially discredits Roy Potter for me (that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about everything else — mostly everyone falls for some propaganda at some point, certainly including myself).
    North Korea is one of the few countries remaining that have consistently fought off having a Federal Reserve-like central bank issuing a fiat currency.
    North Korea is consistently acting like a country that is scared of being nuked by the US (e.g. rushing towards developing nuclear weapons because they know the Deep State cowards won’t attack anyone who can strike back; then after the nukes are working, do what the Deep State wants least and start discussing peace and cooperation with South Korea).
    I don’t think the Deep State would do something like that to essentially discredit itself (with North Korea developing working nukes, everyone will see that the Deep State only lashes out at those who can’t defend themselves — giving others on the hit list (e.g. Iran) an incentive to develop more nukes – something the Deep State wants least).
    If Trump wanted to take on the Deep State, he’d abolish (or at least restrict) the Federal Reserve (what JFK tried to do with the EO to issue real money), take on Wall Street (which he supplied with tax cuts instead), take on Washington D.C. (e.g. push for arresting the Clinton and Bush crime dynasties and their supporters), take on the corporate media, and/or take on Israel (AIPAC is behind a lot of the Deep State foreign policy).
    North Korea, not so much.


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