Seeking Marxism: BBC cuts male pay for gender equity

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5 thoughts on “Seeking Marxism: BBC cuts male pay for gender equity

  1. Nice “equality”… Instead of raising the women’s wedges, they cut the men’s salaries.
    Hope the gender equality fighters are happy now that their husbands/partners will get paid less………….

  2. that’s the bbc, a problem for every solution. the tv license fees demanded by the british government are nothing short of extortion and as such a brutal kick in the face of everyone struggling for breath because imposed sanctions called austerity. If I was a cowboy i would write such a song…

  3. Wow! The 1% are pitting Men & Women against each other. Really? Who woulda’ thunk it. The 1% bringing Equality to it’s lowest common denominator. So that We fight each other and they Benefit on LOWER PAYROLLS. What a smart play on 1%ER’S part. Well played! MAGA!

  4. BRILLIANT accounting TRICK of the YEAR will get this scumbag JEW bastard a BIG BONUS!!
    not even close to the BIG money of 911 but still a lot, the CATCH 22 designers are JEALOUS!

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