Senate approves legislation to extend government surveillance powers

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(CNN)The Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly voted to reauthorize three national security surveillance authorities that have been expired since March.

The chamber voted 80-16 to extend the surveillance authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
The vote occurred after the Senate adopted a bipartisan amendment on Wednesday from Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont to provide additional legal protections in the FISA court for targets of surveillance warrants. The Senate’s amendment means the House will have to pass the new version of the legislation before it goes to the President’s desk.
The Senate rejected an amendment on Thursday, 85-11, from GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, which would have required traditional courts to approve FISA warrants for US citizens. On Wednesday, the Senate narrowly defeated an amendment from Sens. Steve Daines, a Montana Republican, and Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, that would have curbed surveillance of internet browser and search history. It failed to meet the 60-vote threshold by a single vote.


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