Senator promotes flu shot, receives it, gets sick and dies age 47, mainstream media playing dumb

by liverpoolwin

The flu shot has killed a senator who promoted it, even he realized that the symptoms were caused by it, died age 47. None of the mainstream media are reporting the obvious link with the vaccine, whereas if he had had flu or measles they would use the story to drum for more vaccines.

RIP to Senator José R. Peralta, another victim of pro vaccine propaganda.

Promoting flu shots on Twitter not long before his death

NYTimes – According to his director of communications, Chris Sosa “He just thought he was having symptoms related to getting the flu shot.”

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He died Wednesday 21st November 2018

Mainstream media discusses septic shock, but not making obvious link with flu shot which triggered it.

If he had had flu they would have blamed his death on flu, but after a vaccine makes you sick everybody is trained to act as if it is not possible.