Senator Rand Paul appears to be the only sane voice in the U.S. Senate

Senator Paul: If you were against president Obama’s deficits, and now you’re for the Republican deficits, isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy?

Folks, Congress has spent us into oblivion over the last 9 years. It now appears that there’s just no coming back from it. Out-of-control spending is going to sink the country.
I know that president Trump got his military spending, and that the bill also contained disaster relief for hurricane ravaged areas, but there is also plenty of pork included in it. There’s plenty of entitlement spending for minorities, and both McConnell and Schumer got lots of pork for Kentucky and New York. I’m both saddened and disgusted right now.

For those who wonder why McConnell keeps getting reelected, this bill is a perfect example of it. Loads of money will now be pouring into his state for horse racing and lots of other crap. It’s just one hand washing the other one.
You won’t believe where some of this money is going. David Knight tells us about a lot of it in the first 20 minutes of his show.
I’ve already mentioned McConnell and the horse racing. Now I’ll tell you one about Chucky ‘smucky’ Schumer. He’s got $1.3 billion of this bill going to Broadway in New York.
Isn’t that great?

h/t TheWiz111