Senator Rand Paul completely obliterates John Brennan

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The media is angry that he basically blamed the Russia prob for damaging Russia, U.S- relations (which is partially true, of course, among many factors, including the media itself stirring the pot.) I’m not Putin fan, but good lord the media took one sentence and is losing their minds.


Rand Paul gets it!

Rand Paul just eviscerated The CBS morning News crew on Trumps Russia visit and collusion. “The only proof of Collusion with Russia is Hillary”.

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Rand Paul sides with Trump on Russia, says critics ‘motivated’ by dislike of president

“It’s gotten so ridiculous that someone has to stand up and say we should try to engage even our adversaries and open up our lines of communication,” Paul told Politico after the controversial press conference.

“We’re going to talk to the president about some small steps in order to try to thaw the relations between our countries,” the senator added, noting that he’s set to travel to Russia early next month to continue the dialogue that Trump started.

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“Republicans that are making the criticism are either the pro-war Republicans like (Sen. John) McCain and (Sen. Lindsey) Graham or the anti-Trump ones like (Sen. Ben) Sasse,” he told Politico “They are motivated by their persistent and consistent dislike of the president.”



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