Jeanine Pirro, Brandon Straka – WalkAway to “Make America Great Again!”

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by Thinker

Mainstream media lies and corruption are sending no only Black Americans toward the Republican party, and many in the LGBTQ communities. Change is happening in the USA and it isn’t going the Obama way. Trump transferred the power back to the people and they are taking advantage of it to awaken others to the truth!

How Many Are Taking the Leap to WalkAway?

America’s newest president has empowered the people and they are speaking about it.

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#WalkAway Feminist

Democrats Hate Black People #walkaway

why i chose to #WalkAway , my story !

Vanessa Berben, My #WalkAway Story

If you think a virus outbreak is a problem, the Democratic party really showed their true colors with the Clinton/Trump election and they are losing party members by the thousands daily. A wake up call to Americans, that it isn’t about a party, but the PERSON! What to their words and actions add up to? Truth or Lies? To many lies, deception, and lack of concern for the people by the Democratic party has them leaving by the thousands! Time to stop the party system and just vote on the American who will best fit the job! It does look like it will be the Republicans for the next elections.…y+movement

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