Senior Democrats For LIFE Pelosi & Gang Causing Disturbance Within The Party – Oh No!

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by Thinker

Oh Yes, the young are starting to question the words and actions of the leaders who have don’t know any other world than Washington D.C.. Could this be the reason for so many politicians out of touch with their own states, communities, the people? While it seems to be the senior Dems that are not supporting the POTUS, with a few underlings, most of the the blue squad is chaning their perspective on the moves of the 45th president.

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What the government shutdown has allowed many politicians, and the American people to see along with the world, is who really stands and supports the needs of the people, and who doesn’t. It isn’t about the parties, its about the people, and that’s all Trump has been saying and doing.

Who isn’t supporting that?

How did Nancy Pelosi ever get selected to be the House Speaker? Was the plan to knock off the president and vice president something that has been a long time coming? Was Pelosi being president a plan of Hillary Clinton?

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Where is Hillary?

Have you seen her?

De-THRONING Pelosi is going to come from within her own party. They “TRUE BLUE” democrats are waking up to those within that aren’t there for the right reasons. The infiltrators of destruction are showing themselves within all parties, and will be ousted by the ones they have betrayed!




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