September: CoVid Passports for CANADA!

Should Quebec’s coronavirus situation deteriorate, the province may have to implement so-called “vaccination passports” to forbid people who aren’t fully vaccinated against COVID-19 from accessing certain non-essential services, like restaurants and bars.

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Quebec’s health minister Christian Dubé shared the news during a press conference today, saying that the move could come as early as September 1. However, he assured that digital vaccine passports would only be introduced in the case of a possible fourth wave brought on by the spread of variants (like Delta), and once all eligible Quebecers will have had the chance to receive two doses of the vaccine.

Such passports would prevent the province from having to impose yet another blanket lockdown on non-essential services, allowing certain industries — like hospitality — to remain open, albeit only catering to those who are doubly vaccinated, the health minister explained.


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