Serial Killer Pakistani Asylum Seeker Busted at EU Border

by Chris Black
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They’re not sending their best is an expression coined by President Trump during last year’s presidential campaign, when he was describing the huge amount of criminals and “bad hombres” who were jumping the fence in the US from Mexico, with almost zero vetting. That phrase just got a new meaning today, as we just got word about a Pakistani serial killer getting arrested as he was trying to enter the European Union as a refugee.
Truth be told, the man whose nickname is “The Butcher” was apprehended by Hungarian border patrol. I bet that if he tried to enter the EU via Italy or other “progressive” Western European country (read Greece), he would have not encountered the slightest problem with border patrol.
The detained Pakistani migrant who posed as a war-refugee was arrested by Hungarian police as it appears he’s the suspect in the murders of approximately seventy (70, you got that right) people in his native country.
As per Austrian and Hungarian police reports, a group of illegal immigrants (welfare shoppers in not-so politically correct terms, as there’s no war to speak of in Pakistan) was stopped on Tuesday in the close vicinity of the southern border with Serbia and the 35 year old Pakistani serial-murder suspect (allegedly a contract-killer, i.e. a hit man) was identified among them.
The serial killer was only identified by his initials, A.Z. respectively, and police reports that he was issued an international arrest warrant by Pakistan. Currently, the suspect is being detained in Hungary. Austrian officials issued an official statement, explaining that Hungarian border patrol were able to make the arrest after being tipped off by their Austrian counterparts. The Pakistani Butcher was trying to enter Austria via Hungary using known networks of people smugglers, yet officials are refusing to identify him by name citing Austria’s stiff personal data protection rules.
Unlucky for the Pakistani Butcher, he got caught in Hungary, a country that boasts a zero-tolerance policy with regard to illegal immigration and refused to take in EU’s forced migrant quotas, unlike other EU countries, that would have given the Butcher a house, weekly payments for him and his future (probably underage) 1st cousins wives and kids.
Austrian officials are set to deliberate in the following days whether the Butcher is to be deported back to Pakistan.
However, it’s most likely that A.Z. will be turned over to a country that does not have the death penalty, rather than returned to Pakistan to face Pakistani  justice. In other words, he will probably spend a few years in jail and then be on the path to citizenship in the Greater EU in 5 years or so, as progressive EU human-rights legislation forbids member states to deport illegal migrants to countries where they may face the death penalty for their deeds.

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