Seth Rich #7: It Is Not The Crime, But The Cover-Up

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For any who prefer to have their world view painted by “reputable” news sources, this post is not for you.  For those of us who understand that there is much going on beneath the surface then this may be of interest.  The interview is 44 minutes long, so I will summarize for you skimmers.

George Webb and his buddy (name?) are investigative reporters who interview Rod Wheeler, the former DC homicide detective, now working privately, hired by the family of Seth Rich to find out who dunnit.  However, in a recent turn, Wheeler is currently under a cease and desist order (a “shut up order”) prohibiting him from speaking in public about details of the case.  (Rod is able to point to certain issues in his manner.)
The importance of the case:  The office of the presidency is under assault based on the answer to the question:  Were the DNC emails hacked by Russia or were they leaked.  So the story of what happened here is of national and international importance.  Impeachment and world war are potential fall-outs from the issues of this case.
Rod reports that Seth’s parents very much want to know what happened and have been very candid with him discussing personal details of Seth’s life that might help.  But his brother does not.  His brother began to actively discourage Rod’s ongoing investigation when it turned towards the Wikileaks/DNC aspects.
Many of the “family’s statements” seem to becoming from the DNC hired PR crisis management firm rather than the family.
As a detective, he conceptualizes his approach to a homicide “going through 3 doors.”

  • Door #1:  random street crime.
  • Door #2:  relationship crime–affairs, angry landlord, family dispute.
  • Door #3:  workplace related crime, conflict with boss, company secrets, etc.

Rod reports that his investigation was unimpeded while he looked at Doors #1 and #2.  These turned up very little.  However, when he began to look at Door #3, the shit began to hit the fan with obstructions appearing from many angles.
Information that should and usually is available to a private detective investigating a homicide is not being made available in this case.
1.  The DC police wore body cameras.  The video record of coming upon Seth lying on the street wounded has gone missing.  He was alive at the scene.  Loss of body cam video is very uncommon in a major police department.
2.  When police come upon a gun shot victim they are trained to ask as their first question “Who shot you?”  This is standard and universal. Officers are trained in the academy to do this. The victim may die and this may be the only chance to hear what they know.  And if you don’t know who, then, “What did he look like?”   Police then issue a “lookout” radio broadcast to all officers.  Wheeler has found that the answer to the question “who shot you?” was never written down and that no “lookout” was announced over the police radio.  This is unusual.
3.  The autopsy report is unavailable to Wheeler.  This is the foundation of a homicide investigation and he has never had an autopsy report not be released to him.  He hasn’t heard of this ever before either.
4.  A convenience store has security cameras that look out over the intersection where the shooting occurred.  The DC police have this footage.  They have reassured Wheeler that “it doesn’t show much” and that he “doesn’t need to see it” and have not released it to him.
5.  Wheeler does confirm that having the FBI have possession of Seth’s laptop computer is reasonable, as local police departments rely on FBI computer forensics people to unlock devices.  So this is not unusual.  Wheeler reports a conversation with an insider in the DC police that he knows personally who informed him that FBI analysis of the data from the laptop indicates that Seth had had email exchanges with Wikileaks.  (So this is hearsay evidence.  What do you think of Rod Wheeler and his dependability?)
Motivation:  Seth was a BernieCrat who was in a position at the DNC to see corruption in the inner machinery of the DNC working to ensure a Hillary Democratic nomination.

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