SEVEN OF THE TEN ARE LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES AND SAN FRANCISCO: Crime In America: Study Reveals The 10 Most Unsafe Neighborhoods.

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While data shows that crime is actually down in the U.S. in recent years, many Americans believe that the country is becoming more violent than ever—and high-profile incidents like mobs rioting at the U.S. Capitol and the Department of Homeland Security issuing a threat bulletin to warn of ongoing potential for domestic violence only underscore those fears. So the timing of a new study from the risk assessment app Augurisk Now, revealing the country’s 10 most dangerous neighborhoods, couldn’t be better.

Augurisk Now—which launched last month—helps people track the likelihood of crime and national disasters, making it a useful tool for everyone from travelers to concerned citizens to potential homebuyers. The way it works: Whenever you enter a dangerous block in the U.S., the free app uses proprietary risk-scoring algorithms to alert of potential dangers, warning users that they have entered a predicted or observed high crime area. Similarly, the app can predict risks when it comes to floods, earthquakes, wildfires and storms.

“Many years ago, while I was searching for a new property that would be safe from floods or earthquakes, I was surprised no service provided such essential information in an intuitive form,” says founder Mohamed Mezian. “That’s where the idea for Augurisk emerged—our main mission is to help people and businesses better prepare for the future.”


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