Several states adding ‘In God We Trust’ to classrooms – Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida lead with South Carolina, Wyoming, Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma set to propose similar legislation..

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Lawmakers in several states are moving legislation to require schools and other government buildings to prominently display the national motto – “In God We Trust.”

Tennessee lawmakers approved a measure last month to require “In God We Trust” to be posted on school property for students to view each day, and the bill now awaits a signature from Gov. Bill Haslam. In Arkansas, school officials are working to comply with Act 911, a new state law that requires schools to display In God We Trust posters, as well as the U.S. and Arkansas flags, if those items are donated.

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Florida mandated In God We Trust on display, as well, though it’s already on the state flag as the official motto.

Legislators in South Carolina, Wyoming, Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma and other states are considering similar requirements, over the objections of atheist groups that equate the motto to state-sponsored religion.

“When we took God out of schools, we took the 10 Commandments out of schools. When I was a kid, it was on the principal’s wall outside,” South Carolina state Rep. Mike Burns told Lumen Student News. Burns contends the prominence of God had a “stabilizing effect in society” and students “knew what was right versus wrong.”

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