Several states have began the process of having “Assault Weapons” banned outright from being sold, and deemed illegal to own

I came across a fecesbook (Facebook) discussion between a few of my friends, regarding an article discussing how the process of banning assault weapons was headed our way (I live in Northern Columbus, Ohio) as well as several other states.
The current definition for Assault Weapon (by the standards of the people creating the legislation) is any gun that houses 10 or more bullets in a single magazine, and/or is capable of semi-automatic fire.
So in other words, if this bullshit passes, literally like every gun in existence outside of Bolt-Action and one or two other types, are going to be illegal to own, and with come with a 5th-degree felony charge if caught with one.
The ignorance behind the topic of Guns is just completely baffling. I don’t own any guns, not even a pistol for self defense (though I should considering I’ve got a daughter to protect) but I know the difference between fully automatic, semi-automatic, as well as knowing the “AR” in AR-15 doesn’t stand for Assault Rifle, and that when speaking in terms of Assault Rifles, generally that means a militarized version of say, an M-16, etc. (guns that are fully automatic, and employed by armed forces).
I can’t help but feel this is either one of two things. The people pushing this, doing so blindly, and so ignorantly, so that it purposely fails, and sets us back on gun-reform, OR, hoping that with the recent shootings in the last 6months, that they can sneak this past the more educated part of America, in hopes that once it’s established, it will be impossible to reverse, or never be reversed.
This whole thing is just unbelievable to me, that such a broad term could be used in legislation, when basically only one type of weapon is trying to be kept out of reach…
What is your guys take on this situation?
here is the link in question from my local news station:
Is this being spun by the media, or is it just a case of the media being ignorant…i honestly am not able to tell.
h/t Cur1osityC0mplex