Another ETH Buy

by Dave
Here’s another ETH buy signal.  I’ve noticed that the detector does fairly well when there are a cluster of buys, like we saw back at 800, and happened again at 825.
And now we’re seeing the breakout to the upside, to 875, as bitcoin drives through 10k.  FWIW, all of the BTC forecasters have also issued buy signals – about 4-6 hours ago.
The ETH/BTC ratio continues to climb.  That tells you where you should be.  That’s also probably why my ETH detector triggered before the BTC detector.

Cautious good news this morning helped lift BTC above $10k again….
EU approve Crypto (sort of)
Poloniex exchange purchased by mobile payments company Circle (backed by Goldman Sachs) for $400MM…
Segwit gets greater adoption, lightning network shows more promise.…