Shadowy world of social media fraud revealed in report

Quote:MILLIONS of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts are feeding a shadowy global marketplace for social media fraud, a new investigation has revealed.
The New York Times report, released today, states that up to 48 million of Twitter’s claimed 330 million monthly active users are actually fake. That is nearly 15 per cent of all Twitter accounts.
Twitter has refuted the figure, but the platform is far from alone.
Facebook revealed to investors that it hosted up to 60 million fake accounts, more than twice as much as previously estimated.
The new report claims these fake accounts, also known as bots, are influential in shaping public opinion, amplifying messages, and spreading fake news.
They can also defraud businesses and ruin reputations.


Quote:The report also looks into Devumi, one of the most popular companies for buying social media followers — which reportedly has 3.5 million fake accounts on offer for its clients

h/t Spank