Sharia Law, FGM, the Burka and Voter Fraud are all on the Ballot for the UK’s Insurgency Party

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by Mark Angelides

Nigel Farage’s party, UKIP, are going into the UK General Election on June 8th focusing on an “Integration Strategy”. The third party of British politics will be asking voters to back policies that even just a few years ago would have been dismissed out of hand. New UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, will be leading the charge to deal with mass Islamic immigration by ensuring that British Muslims and new arrivals will be fully integrated into British society. Here are their four lead policies:
Sharia Law
Despite having no formal or legal rights in Britain, Sharia Courts do operate in heavily Muslim areas. The UKIP leader said that “courts where a woman’s voice is worth half that of a man’s have no place in Britain”. It will prove difficult for other candidates to tackle the point directly and argue against it, it may in fact turn out to be an incredibly popular vote winner.
Sharia Courts operate within Muslim communities and can “grant divorces”, arbitrate disputes an can decide on child custody. But the courts are led by and run by men, for the benefit of men. The testimony of a woman is worth precisely half that of a man, which means that any incidence of violence or rape must have been witnessed by at least one other woman before the courts will even regard the testimony as equal (at which point it becomes simply one person’s word against another (or 2)). And of course, if another woman did witness a crime, she would have to have her husband or father’s permission to testify.
UKIP is right on this issue. These Islamic courts are regressive and oppressive and should have no legal or moral right to exist in the UK.
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
This is quite literally one of the biggest issues of our age, and yet almost nothing is done about it. FGM has been illegal in the UK since 1985, but to date, not a single successful prosecution, despite more than half a million girls being butchered.
UKIP’s policy actually gets to the heart of why no prosecutions are successful: nobody is willing to come forward from within the communities, and those from outside are scared to be called racists. The policy proposal seeks to hold anyone who has knowledge of FGM taking place to be legally accountable. Teachers in schools see young girls taken away during term time for a “holiday”, and when they return, will not speak of it, they are traumatized and scared. The teacher needs to speak out. But they don’t.
The Burka
This is not as controversial as it might first appear. Several European nations have already banned the (full body) Burka on both security grounds, and the grounds that it segregates women from engaging in society. It is even being debated in the EU Parliament, right now.
The most common criticism of “banning the Burka” is that it is Islamaphobic. Yet it is not actually an Islamic tenet. There are many Muslim nations that don’t have it or enforce it, and it never mentioned in the Koran. It is a purely cultural practice from countries that seek to control women.
Voter Fraud
It happens. There is no use the MSM downplaying it, it happens, and it’s going to get worse. The UK’s particular trouble area is that of Postal Voting. Anyone who wishes, can claim their ballot, and their family’s (as the household head), and just send it off by post. There have been numerous instances where this has been fraudulently abused, mostly by people of “South Asian Origin” as the MSM like to say.
UKIP want only those who truly NEED the postal vote to actually have it: elderly, disabled etc…
But already the vultures are out. Their smug superiority dripping off every word they write to denigrate policies that would actually help people (mostly women, mostly minorities). And they don’t care. They will paint it as racist, sexist and Islamaphobic, despite the fact that the policies will predominantly serve the interests of Muslim women. They care only for themselves and the status quo, if they cared for others, they’d support UKIP.

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  1. The sentiments of this party seem honourable and quite liberal. However, Nigel Farage is a racist Trump supporter more aligned with the European far-right.

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