SHARP BREAK: UK Trade Minister Says ‘No Deal’ Brexit More Likely Than Not.

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via talkingpointsmemo:

Trade Secretary Liam Fox told the Sunday Times newspaper that “intransigence” by EU officials “is pushing us towards no deal.” He put the chance of Britain crashing out without a deal at 60 percent.

Britain and the EU say they aim to hammer out an agreement on divorce terms and future trade by October so that it can be approved by all individual EU countries before the U.K. leaves the bloc on March 29.

But the talks have stalled, and the British government is trying to heap pressure on the other 27 EU nations to compromise by stressing the economic harm to all sides that would come from a “no-deal” Brexit that imposes tariffs and other barriers on U.K.-EU trade.

That’s assuming Brexit happens at all, of course.

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Fox accused EU officials of putting a “theological obsession” with sticking to the rules ahead of “the economic wellbeing of the people of Europe.”

That’s the history of the EU in a nutshell.



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