Sheriff Arpaio Updates Obama Felony ID Fraud Investigation

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CNN: Trump Supporter Rips Obama Cruz Rubio Over Article II Ineligibility – 3/15/2016

CNN: Romney Won’t Say Obama Birther Issue Offensive; Propagates One Citizen Parent Myth

U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke: Obama Impeachment; Cruz Article II Eligibility In Question

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Fox News Outright Lies About Article II Natural Born Citizen

Governor Paul LePage: Canadian-Born Cruz Not Eligible

Fox News: Judge Napolitano Lies About Article II Natural Born Citizen

Donald Trump: I Will Sue Canadian-Born Ted Cruz – 2/15/2016

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I’m Still Investigating Obama Birth Certificate
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Congress Not Willing To Arrest Barack Obama For Breaking Law – Pete Santilli & Sheriff Joe Arpaio

9/11 REWIND: Donald Trump FAKE Green Screen “Ground Zero” Interview


5 thoughts on “Sheriff Arpaio Updates Obama Felony ID Fraud Investigation

  1. People don’t realize you don’t have a constitutional government anymore. In fact, for quite awhile.
    You might say the negro sodomite is their CROWNING achievement. Illegal, unqualified, worthless deluded communist foreigner. A sodomite and a Moslem.
    Our forefathers would SHUDDER that it came to this! We gave up our Republic a long time ago. The only thing that kept it going was IGNORANCE.

    • and then I think what Trump is going to do in the general election to both obama and hillary. He’s already doing it. All that evil is going to be scurrying like a bunch of roaches, before, during and after the election.

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