USD Collapse – May 28th 2016 ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WRONG ?

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this is only a few of the vids available on utube predicting the USD will collapse on May 28th
includes warnings from Peter Shift, Max Keiser, Ron Paul, Putin, Alex Jones, Linsey Williams, and Jim Rickards
$100 Trillion American Economic Collapse with Jim Rickards

Peter Schiff : The Truth About Dollar Collapsing In 28 May 2016

Peter Schiff : Economic Collapse IMMINENT In 28 May 2016

Why Dollar Collapse Is Guaranteed 28 May 2016 ?

GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF BANKS 2016 – Dollar Collapse In 28 May 2016

Alex Jones Confirms That Dollar Collapse In 28 May 2016

still not convinced ? but it is INEVITABLE !
Peter Schiff on FOX News : The Truth About Dollar Collapse 28 May 2016

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Russia : The Dollar Will Collapse In 28 May 2016

Ron Paul Warns of Dollar Collapse 100% In 28 May 2016

Why The Dollar Will Collapse In 28 May 2016 ?

Dollar Will COLLAPSE In 28 May 2016. Why The Government won’t Act ?

US Dollar Collapsing 100% In 28 May 2016

Stefan Molyneux

Harry Dent

World Is Heading Toward Financial Ruin, Economic collapse: Harry Dent


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26 thoughts on “USD Collapse – May 28th 2016 ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WRONG ?

  1. Most of these videos are old. I didn’t watch all of them, but the ones I did didn’t say anything about May 28th 2016.
    But, no doubt it is coming and it ain’t going to be nothing nice. Between, the elections, economics and all things considering… better get your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids together

  2. I have no doubt that a collapse is coming…..BUT !!! To say its gonna happen on such and such a day is pure Bravo Sierra ! You watch, about two or three weeks or so down the road they will pick a different day! All this does is stir up a whole bunch of folks and then disappoint them and they might stop prepping, my advice…..Don’t stop it will happen , when… your guess is as good as anybody else’s !

  3. What a Load of Buullshit from Rickards !

    Russia did this; Russia did that !

    And What no mention that US americans conducted an Armed Coup of Ukraine …??

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    • Rickards is trying to tell everyone dumb enough to believe him that Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Geitner, Summers, et al are people “we know”, and so we should continue to let them lead us right off the cliff. He’s a shill for the very people, and system, that are/is destroying us!
      I listened to Rickards say, in another video, that he knows gold is going to go to $10,000 p/oz, and later said you should only allocate 10% of your “portfolio” (how many of you have one?) in gold! (gold is currently about $1,216 p/oz) He ‘knows’ it’s going to go up 800% but only invest 10%???? If that doesn’t tell ya that the guy should be in comedy, and not finance, I don’t know what would.

  4. Taking note of the doom bringers so I’ll know to ignore them in future. Popcorn at the ready to watch the retractions and explanations of why a slight miscalculation means that the new 100% certain date for meltdown will be X (where X is close enough to be scary, but far enough away to make a few bucks spinning a story in the meantime).

    • Exactly what I’m thinking. I want to see who to put on the ignore list next time. Remember the LONG ass video from Mr. Porter Stansberry? Beautifully done, but that didn’t happen. And now I saw this same video again for the May28th crash. Then the whole Mayan calendar thing was a joke too, and heck even credible science sources were scared on that one. I wonder sometimes who’s behind picking the X date. Like May 28th…why not the 27th or 29th? Seems like nobody can explain why that particular day? Seems like a possible setup for a wall street rally, to which someone will profit. In every storm, someone’s making money. And like you, I’ve been super skeptical since I’ve been through this about 5 times in the last 4 years.

  5. there is nothing on Max Keiser facebook page or RT saying this. The people in the videos do not give this date. Has someone cloned their youtube videos and put this as text under their names ? There is nothing special about this date no explanation say on this day a Saturday something has to be paid but the money isnot there.

  6. Search on YouTube for “Everything will change in the fall of 2016 Bashar”. Even channeled entities from our “future” are saying it. 🙂
    Bashar is not specifying this exact date, though, but instead saying it will happen by fall of this year.

  7. when I heard the beginning of Porter Stansberry’s famous immanent dollar collapse video being regurgitated I couldn’t help but to laugh. Who’s behind this one? and who’s trying to setup the market to shift so a possible group can profit from a bad day on wall street? Probably everyone who’s made a video about it LOL

  8. I looked all over the internet when this started popping up. I cannot find a single video stating the date. The majority of the videos come from about 3 YouTube accounts. Sometimes I hate the internet.

  9. The answer is yes. Yes they were all wrong. Unless it was just InvestmentWatchBlog not understanding what they said and misreporting of course.

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