Facebook removed it,TRUMP TAKES ON BIG BOYS NEW VIDEO -DID you think they were going away easy?

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Facebook removed it,so you can see who is afraid, behind this to silence it AND to keep this off air!!

See, obummer refuses to call out the enemy
and here is a MAN come to help the USA who
appears to say what needs said!!
seems it is going to get alot worse before it gets better, but we must unite!!

some of these ads are awesome!

Republican Party Vs Donald Trump
the game has changed since the last debate.
Donald cancels that next debate, shows they can not control him!
as he ruled the last time he canceled too!
Get this. Trump bails on that other Fox debate before. Plans his own event. Goes back on Fox and then plugs his own event on their network free of charge.
Now, anyone who doesn’t get what a marketing genius he is has no clue what a great president he will make for this ailing country. He is the one and only. Wow!

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Trump is risking his life, liberty, and his fortune for us….just like the founding fathers did in the Declaration of Independence…
from comments in one of the videos
//I read that Hilary funded and directed with Soros and got #MoveOn to organize paid protestors against Trump Rally so that People won’t get to hear Trump’s message; a total violation of 1st amendment; Coz Dem+Rep GOP establishment FEAR Trump who will clean up their corruption and they cannot continue to get bribery to control WH; They will lose power coz Donors and Superpacs, self interests controls politicians;
Trump is SELF FUNDED so he owes no one a favor and won’t take money to be bought; He genuinely wants to do things right and work for American People; Politicians work for their masters : the ones who give them money; they are strong debators with silver tongue to get people to like and believe them ;all talks no action;
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Obummer isnt about identifying the enemy, he should take lessons!
Trump will, he will try to work to curb their power, and that is what THEY are so afraid of!
from comments//
love it..

Have you all seen the new Trump ad? Is so funny! And true ….



15 thoughts on “Facebook removed it,TRUMP TAKES ON BIG BOYS NEW VIDEO -DID you think they were going away easy?

  1. The die has been cast. No one man, no matter who, is going to change jacksh*t. To quote Chris Hedges, “No vote we cast will alter the configurations of the corporate state. The wars will go on. Our national resources will continue to be diverted to militarism. The corporate fleecing of the country will get worse. Poor people of color will still be gunned down by militarized police in our streets. The eradication of our civil liberties will accelerate. The economic misery inflicted on over half the population will expand. Our environment will be ruthlessly exploited by fossil fuel and animal agriculture corporations and we will careen toward ecological collapse. We are “free” only as long as we play our assigned parts. Once we call out power for what it is, once we assert our rights and resist, the chimera of freedom will vanish. The iron fist of the most sophisticated security and surveillance apparatus in human history will assert itself with a terrifying fury.”

    • .” Poor people of color will still be gunned down by militarized police in our streets.”
      I am just as opposed to the militarization of the police as you are, Brisa25 – but, I where you and I radically differ is this limp wristed, pants pooping, nauseating liberal mantra and disgusting whine.
      If these so-called ‘poor people of color’ would learn to obey the law, exercise a little more impulse control, learn how to control their obnoxious, petulant and violent tendencies, get their lazy butts off of the public dole and get a job and support themselves instead of constantly demanding that the rapidly shrinking segment of tax payers who are still productive in this nation subsidize their every need and demand – they would be far less likely to get shot by the jackbooted thugs who you and I both despise.
      Incidentally, can anyone explain to me why these Black Lives Matter Thugs are threatening nation wide violence and riots if Trump wins in November? If Trump keeps his promises, gets the border secured, builds the wall, deports these illegal criminal aliens – will that not be a huge BENEFIT to blacks and other native born minorities who will then be able to finally find available jobs, jobs that these illegal aliens had been stealing from them?
      Unless, of course, these BLM thugs are actually terrified of the prospect of suddenly having jobs available for them that might require them to work, break a bead or two of sweat, and get off the tax payer’s dime and that’s why they hate Trump.

  2. establishment-donor-bankster class calls soros types humanitarians, megyn kelly types journalists, and cruz-kasich-obama-clinton types statesmen….
    but they are all the same….
    whore puppets and tools of the banksters who want to enslave humanity…
    TRUMP 2016 ! a TRUTH revolution starting in USA !

  3. Fly like an butterfly and sting like an bee.
    C. Clay aka Muhammad Ali.
    This is, The topp of the scamchain, the capo ditutti capos, and they play dirty and hard, this isnt kindergarden boys this is The Rat pack and they are on topp of it clusterf…. everything at an beath taking speed.
    And finaly the Kenyiasian insanity is been kicked back into reality, and the effect of this monetary policy witch is dragging everything down this days.
    Its like looking upward to an feild where the inhabitants have no footing in the real world and if they have it, they dont care, because they benefit from us been robbed.
    And their explanations is horribly oudated and havent anything any more to do with reality than santa clause have.
    WE are been robbed, our lifes been plundere and our future is nothing more or less as an debt slave, to an system whom is bacisly an pyramidic sceem, and an never ending spiral of increasing debt, exponentially this days as we speak, and even Einsteins definition of insanity stil stands rock solid.
    Its only getting wurse, and one day someone or WE have to shoot down that elevated platform where the shamless scammers live, the root cause of everything incl wars everywhere.
    Anyone with the balls to stand against it is wurthy to be honored.
    Because stepping into the fire line, and sometimes you have to punch back, just to make an stand and an statement.
    Hehe to be honest, I can respect an genuine mofo assh….. compared to people whom I dont know, whom throws around staments and “truths”, but no substance, compared to an genuine assh…… I prefer the last.
    Atleast, we both would know where we stand, and genuine ash…. is and can be partners, and they can be convinced if you are paintient anouf, but the freaks I dont give an rats ass for.

  4. It doesn’t matter one bit who gets elected. Even if the Donald finds a way to get elected, he will not be able to do or change even one thing, period! Why? Because the public to this day and this election cycle has continued and continues to send back and elect the exact same House Members and Senators to Washington DC.
    Therefore, anything and everything he attempts to change will be stonewalled and refused by a Congress that will still be owned and controlled by the Banks, Corporations, and the Military industrial Complex.
    Even any VETO will be met by Congress and over-ridden by a 2/3’s vote to pass the vetoed bill anyway.
    As long as the public continues to send back 97% of the incumbents, it mattes not who they want or elect as President.

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  5. Hang the people/ANIMALS that did 911 and the criminals in the employ of the USA will decrease dramatically EVEN a simple FALSE FLAG HANGING of a Bush/Chainey look a like body double on national TV would send them RUNNING to confess!
    TV ratings would go balastic!
    HEADLINES: Hillary swings with Bush/Chainey! dream BIG!

  6. Not having a Facebook account hasn’t stop me from watching the Trump train steamroll over the American haters to bring back the prosperity of the country. Another reason why Trump is the man for the job. Anyone can destroy but it takes a leader to build..Trump is that man.

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