Facebook removed it,TRUMP TAKES ON BIG BOYS NEW VIDEO -DID you think they were going away easy?

Facebook removed it,so you can see who is afraid, behind this to silence it AND to keep this off air!!

See, obummer refuses to call out the enemy
and here is a MAN come to help the USA who
appears to say what needs said!!
seems it is going to get alot worse before it gets better, but we must unite!!

some of these ads are awesome!

Republican Party Vs Donald Trump
the game has changed since the last debate.
Donald cancels that next debate, shows they can not control him!
as he ruled the last time he canceled too!
Get this. Trump bails on that other Fox debate before. Plans his own event. Goes back on Fox and then plugs his own event on their network free of charge.
Now, anyone who doesn’t get what a marketing genius he is has no clue what a great president he will make for this ailing country. He is the one and only. Wow!

Trump is risking his life, liberty, and his fortune for us….just like the founding fathers did in the Declaration of Independence…
from comments in one of the videos
//I read that Hilary funded and directed with Soros and got #MoveOn to organize paid protestors against Trump Rally so that People won’t get to hear Trump’s message; a total violation of 1st amendment; Coz Dem+Rep GOP establishment FEAR Trump who will clean up their corruption and they cannot continue to get bribery to control WH; They will lose power coz Donors and Superpacs, self interests controls politicians;
Trump is SELF FUNDED so he owes no one a favor and won’t take money to be bought; He genuinely wants to do things right and work for American People; Politicians work for their masters : the ones who give them money; they are strong debators with silver tongue to get people to like and believe them ;all talks no action;

Obummer isnt about identifying the enemy, he should take lessons!
Trump will, he will try to work to curb their power, and that is what THEY are so afraid of!
from comments//
love it..

Have you all seen the new Trump ad? Is so funny! And true ….