SHE’S RIGHT: Tulsi Gabbard Says ‘Warmongers’ Are Leading America to ‘Nuclear War’

America’s leaders have failed and betrayed the people, says Gabbard

(National File) Former US Representative Tulsi Gabbard warned that “warmongers” have betrayed the American people. This is leading America towards the brink of nuclear war with Russia, Gabbard said in a video posted online. The former U.S. Rep. encouraged Americans to “stand up” before it is”too late.”

Tulsi Gabbard, a war veteran herself who served as Democrat Congresswoman from Hawaii before opting to leave D.C. and stand against the new world order, has been a strong voice against escalating the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, warning of nuclear consequences. That, combined with her vocal opposition to the D.C. establishment, has resulted in Gabbard being targeted by big tech censors and the globalist uni-party while further earning the respect of the American people.

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