SHOCK POLICE STATE VIDEO: “You Have No Right To Be In Here! You Have No Right to Be In Here!”

Mac Slavo
May 14th, 2013
In America today there are some people who believe themselves to be above the law, and it’s unfortunate that in many cases the very individuals and organizations tasked with ensuring the legitimacy of our justice system are the ones who fail to understand or abide by the law of the land.
In Cotati, California police officers showed up at the doorstep of one family after they were reportedly called because of an alleged domestic violence dispute, much to the surprise of the homeowners. As Cotati PD massed on the couple’s front lawn, the homeowner began documenting the encounter.
Law enforcement officers indicated they would be entering the home because of “domestic violence,” at which point both homeowners responded by advising them that they had merely had an argument and no domestic violence had taken place.
Baffled that the residents of the home refused to exit, one officer asked why they wouldn’t respond to their order.
The homeowner, who had previously cited his fourth Amendment right to be safe and secure on his property unless a warrant had been presented by officials, responds with what undoubtedly left police bewildered.

“Because we don’t live in a police state, sir.
Martial law has not been established in this country. “

What happens next is textbook jackbooted police state behavior, as cops kick in the family’s door unlawfully, without cause, and without a warrant.

(video via The Daily Sheeple)
Police reportedly justified their actions based on concerns over the welfare and safety of the children living at the home:

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Many have speculated as to why the police felt they needed to unlawfully enter the home, with some claiming they could have felt the children lives were in danger yet the fact of the matter is the children were clearly fine and, if anything, would be psychologically and possibly even physically hurt by police breaking down their door and attacking their parents.

Who is the victim in this case? It’s not the children, who were peacefully playing in the front yard and in the home. And neither homeowner had raised a hand to the other.
In fact, the victims were the residents of the home, whose private property had been violated. The individual recording the video was reportedly tazed, detained and then arrested by police.
For what?
That answer remains unclear.
Based on the video documentation, the only ones who should be going to jail are the police officers who found it necessary to break in the door of a law abiding American for refusing to submit to an unlawful order.
There is only one course of action that need be taken at this point and that’s handcuffs and indictments for those who believe it’s totally within their job scope to violate the rights of an American citizen going about his business in his own home.


37 thoughts on “SHOCK POLICE STATE VIDEO: “You Have No Right To Be In Here! You Have No Right to Be In Here!””

  1. To bad the people were unarmed. If an unidentified intruder breaks into your house, showing signs of aggression I don’t understand how anyone could be faulted for protecting their home. Slaves have no right of protection from their masters, do they?

    • The cops identified themselves. I’m glad you’re not a cop. How do you know if the people screaming at the cops are the actual intruders (robbers) instead of the real homeowners who were bound and gagged in the basement of the house and tried to make a quick 911 phone call for help before the robbers returned to torture them? Cops are not that easily fooled, they are trained, you are obviously not trained to be fooled by crooks.

      • There is no mention of a 911 call in this article. The police department may have been called directly, in which case anyone may have called them. Maybe a disgruntled neighbor, a joker or just a prick. The police acted like idiot gangsters.

        • and the reality is they would not have got that warrant because in reality they had no just cause for a warrant. The attorney general or the chief of police or whatever the chain of command is depending on how far it got would have said, leave them alone morons….

      • “Actual intruders”? Did you flunk reading comprehension that miserably? THERE ARE NO INTRUDERS IN THIS STORY! And why, pray tell, would “intruders” be arguing while the children are outside playing? You are one thousand degrees of stupid.

    • What they should have done is not let the cops see them; waited until the cops start kicking the door and go ‘OMG..OMG..someone is breaking into my house’ then just start shooting some Asshole Remover-15 lead through the door before it was kicked open. Lethal force in New Mexico is legal to protect those in your house-hold from harm.

      • An AR-15 is a girls gun. 7.62X54R with steel core anti-armor bullets is the tool to use. They will
        penetrate 1/2″ steel plate. What do you think they will do to a cops body armor?? If you don’t have
        one of those a .308 NATO with titanium core bullets will fill in nicely.

        • You might take down 1 or 2 of them and then get peppered with lead and probably have your whole family mowed down by suppressing fire. There has to be a collective front of armed citizens ready to take them on in order to do some damage and/or scare them, and even then, they would just call for swat backup in order to out-man and out-gun you. There has to be a very well thought out strategy and a very well organized front in place to take the fight to them, anything less than that is not going to work..

  2. In this case, I would have to agree with the cops. The cops do not know if the real owners are being held against their will by intruders or not. The 911 call could have been made by the actual hostages in the house held against their will in a false flag against the intruders or kidnappers. Look, there was a call by the people in that residence to 911, OK?

    • Don’t make thing up. The police did not say they got a call about intruders, they got a call from neighbours about an argument. Based on those facts, and the children playing outside, there are no grounds for a full assault.

    • Well Phil…lol, If you are so dim to know past experience in such matters would require police presence at the site while a warrant is pursued to authorize force entry, that it’s possible you lack basic intelligence to pose an opinion. As a taxpayer, i’d assume you’d prefer proper police work that won’t expose the community to lawsuit damages.

  3. Sorry, but if you don’t choose to arm yourself for moments like this, then you have no right to complain. Folks need to realize that when compared to a normal criminal, the police nowadays are many times more dangerous. The reason I say this, is most criminals won’t fully commit to opportunistic torture and murder, because they know they might get caught. However, the police know that they can feel free to indulge because they ARE the law, and therefore no serious issues will arise from them caving your head in. Thugs only respect one thing and that is brute force, so you can either choose to protect yourself or just lay down and be a simpering victim.

  4. easy schmeasy…just use one of those web apps that make it appear that a call is coming from another phone #…call 911 say you are …lemme see now…. nancy pelosi’s guatemalan maid and you are being held in the basement under duress and you need help.
    then go film the fireworks and see how those in power react to his kind of abuse of power…

  5. Open the door and talk the police down would be the prudent move. Everyone knows it takes a dull normal to do uniform police work. Arm yourself with a recording device and ASK to see you counselor{not attorney}so you can document your lawsuit.

  6. The police did has they should have done. In any case where they are notified of a domestic dispute, they should enter a residence, either by being asked to come in, or by force. One of the parties involved could be forced to say things are fine, children could be at risk, or worse. Your heading SHOCK POLICE STATE VIDEO, is a total lie, just another conspiracy site flaming the minds of the anti-government, anti-American nuts.

    • Well how bout this then. Give me your address so I can call the cops and tell them I heard domestic violence at your residence. Lets how you would respond…

      • I would welcome them inside, so they can investigate for themselves. I have no drugs, no firearms and live alone in an apartment. I have many friends who are law enforcement, such as a local chief of police and a sheriff.

        • That explains why you like the removal of people’s rights and privacy, you and your police pals can’t control people if they have those. Did you cheer Big Brother in the book 1984?

    • “One of the parties involved could be forced to say things are fine,”
      FORCED? WHY? Get a big load of yourself, you cop-kissing control freak!!

    • Janice i am glade to inform you with this recent post you have shown a yourself to be a great member of the party and we wish you to invite you to our new re-education estate. It is my pleasure to inform you packing your bags wont be a problem we here well provide for all your needs for your stay here. I hope you keep supporting the rights of the state

    • Hey nitwits! Both the arguing parties can be heard saying “we were only arguing, there was no violence” not one person saying it and the other cowering in the corner. Therefore no grounds for forced entry and assault. Perhaps I should report raised voices at your place just to teach you a lesson.

    • How dare you. I suspect you are a cop or work in law enforcement. You automatically assume the posts here are the rants of the underclass rather than informed citizens who know their rights. Due process requires the issuance of warrants before forcible entry. Whats so hard to understand in that reality? If the police, whom i believe may be you, are stupid enough to do so as we witnessed, and get blown away in the process, then, like the framers of the constitution as well as i will assume you got what you deserve.

  7. It would seem that intruders, with the intent of doing harm, kicked in their door. Had the occupants been armed and confronted the intruders, the question is, who would have been seen as the criminal and who the “good” guy? Even if one feels they are in the “right”, if guns are were used in self defense in a similar scenario, the armed occupants would be killed on the spot, or, killed shortly after, when the various SWAT teams from around the country arrive and burn the house down, or after the “criminal” occupants were “captured” during interrogation, or in the electric chair a few years later.

  8. 1. Find out the names of the officers,
    2. post their addresses online
    3. . Let the media pick up on this as an “extremist threat”
    4. ???
    5. Chuckle as the jackboot thugs sweat in fear.
    These fucks are terrorists, they deserve to likewise be terrorized.

  9. This is what happens to a country without balls to stand up to the system due to fear of arrest, injury or death.. The police are now free to break into anyone’s home without warrants, are free to shoot to kill for whatever reason and are free to beat you up if you don’t do as they say.. The rights we used to have, and that some people think that they still have, were earned by standing up, fighting and dying to secure them, not by saying “I have rights man!”.. The result is this, and as long as people remain divided over bulls*it this will continue..


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