Red Alert! Eric Holder says Feds Will Ignore State Laws and Enforce Gun Grab!

In a response to the Governor of Kansas , Attorney General Eric Holder Has stated the Feds WILL ENFORCE GUN GRAB !…

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33 thoughts on “Red Alert! Eric Holder says Feds Will Ignore State Laws and Enforce Gun Grab!”

  1. Well duh, the feds ignore the primary law of the land, the US Constitution, every day. Is it any big surprise they will also ignore state’s laws? Once again, criminals do not obey the law.

  2. as you can see ..words and laws are meaning less to the federal government.and its minions…it will require much more to repel criminals that attempt to impose their will on citizens……kansas should reform their state militia…as a repelling force against criminals…imho

  3. Prepare to put your hands over your head and let the Nazi Odummer Looney Squads take you and your family to the Death Camps. I want this to happen this summer ….. I want the sheeple to be culled and I want to see Jesus .

  4. eric holder and obama have done more to turn black americans towards the GOP than any recruitment teams could have done, thank you, you make us stronger with your assinine programs that every working american that does not receive govt handouts despise. Keep it up, your making your ranks smaller, and btw the illegals will not vote for you, they are mostly catholic and believe in individual liberties like the majority of us, you got lucky this time, it wont happen again for a while and you know it.

  5. He ignored Constitutional Rule and Law of the land and for the people including myself even at the Federal level so what he proposes ignoring state laws is on par for him and this corrupt illegal,illegitimate,mafia assuming government positions and NWO bipartisan administration. Eric and the lack of justice system we have and he promotes with his Nazi Germany approach,hypocritical standings,accessory to manslaughter,pride,contempt and violations to his oath of office he swore in under to protect and uphold also shows his true colors and intent.
    So get the word out the dollar is bankrupt,the pension and retirement 401 K funds are looted and gone even in progress on paper so any in law enforcement should not follow orders if they think it will save their pension they worked for. One should only carry lawful orders if they come from lawful sources….and in the case of the Obama administration and Eric Holder they are NOT lawful. Additionally when you carry out orders you know will result in a fight,imprisonment in an overcrowded broken sold out to the crown criminal justice system and industrial prison complex,or even civil war be assured you are fighting with your life and liberty of you and your own family. So be certain you refuse to take orders from unconfirmed sources and evidence from authoritarian tyrants. And when the time comes fight for the ONLY CAUSE and most worthwhile cause and purpose to be standing on the right side of the liberty tree that Eric Holder and others are trying so desperately to chop down,up root and poison with Monsanto GMO and other ignorant attacks of water and air they use in their siege against us and all humanity worldwide.

    • I don’t know why everyone is comparing this and the prior administration to Hitler and NAZI Germany. There is no comparison, and the attempts to do so are overt insults to Hitler and the NAZI party.

      • You obviously misunderstood the question. By “choose the right side”, libsarescum was hoping the military would side with the people, as well as with the Constitution they swore to defend. It’s the U.S. GOVERNMENT that’s mistreating the vets, not the American people. Why would they side with those who are mistreating them?
        It wasn’t a trick question, but nevertheless you tricked yourself in wrestling with it.

        • Actually, I mean you and all the rest of the people who could care less about us Vets or people presently in the service now. The public constantly votes in politicians who do war for the oil companies and craps on the service person after he/she’s becomes a Vet… If you think some mythical band of soldiers are going to coming marching in with George Washington, reincarnated, to save your middle class ass, don’t hold your breath would be my suggestion.

          • Whoa!! Unless you are Vietnam era or older, you volunteered for your “mission”, and don’t you or any of your compadre’s even think of spewing that tired old line: “We’re fighting for your freedom over there so you don’t have to fight over here!” You don’t represent me! I would never, ever ask someone else to fight a war and possibly die on my behalf. So, you don’t get to take credit for what was NEVER asked of you. You are obviously confused. It was the US government and the corporations that own it that asked you to go to war for THEIR benefit only! Get your payment from them!
            I think what most of us “citizens” are wondering is: “Will members of the US military (past and present) realize that the people are not their enemy then make the right choice to NOT support un-constitutional orders requiring them to harm or even fire on sovereign citizens of the United States of America.

          • Jawnee, you’re in massive denial, you voted in these people who send the troops in harms way. And if the soldier or sailor volunteered they still are sent wherever Reps and President order them. You pay for the whole thing with your taxes, votes and silent consent.
            I’m no saint with complaints, and my qualifications are not the subject, here… Every generation of military Vets are left hanging for the lack in one way or the other. The public and the government gets amnesia real soon after the fact.
            So, if you’re wondering about if the military man/woman will stand with you when it counts, they may be wondering the same about you today. There is no one answer to the question, yet, I still wouldn’t blame them if they don’t. So, treat ’em like crap at your own peril.
            When it comes down to it, I’ll stand with my brothers in arms and worthy citizens I run into. You can fend for yourself, as far as I’m concerned. Good luck.

  6. And how they will laugh and laugh, rotfl, at our ownSocial Class, our own children, families – the cops -working against their own.
    What a joke!

  7. We get it. The whole lot of ’em are criminals! Now, who’s gonna arrest ’em and put ’em in jail? We keep hearing and seeing them stomp all over our Constitution, but nobody does anything about it. I want action! I want to see Rand Paul and a handful of DC cops walk up to these criminals and arrest them and throw them in jail! What are they waiting for?

    • Why would you arrest traitors, and put them in jail, whereby you have to spend even more money on them?
      They will have a trail, by a dejure common law constitutional court, and then be hung, or shot to death by firing squad.
      Thats going to happen either way. Remember, every court house in this Country used to have a hanging tree, and some still do.

      • Agreed!! We should use the cheapest, most expedient means of disposing of their worthless carcases. A few possibilities:
        – lots and lots of cheap rope and lamp posts
        – 22 short just behind the ear is very effective and cheap (quite a few small town slaughter houses use them to “stun” the cow before gutting.)
        – My favorite! Tree shredders. All those pounds and pounds of toxic political waste can be put to good use as compost!

  8. A forced gun grab… They know how to shut down an American City, Boston was the test… I bet Obama and Holder will enlist illegal aliens in this coast to coast gun grab… How can they go wrong? The young people have mush for brains, the baby boomers are too old and soft to fight… The rest are on food stamps and government handouts & will roll over on command… It’s over & the UN/NWO wins.
    Please tell me I’m wrong!!!!

      • Patriot? Old fart, yes… You probably voted for the same sort that initiated the so-called Patriot act, the thing that empowers Obama. I’ll leave the left wing vs right wing stuff for you. I’m far passed that nonsense.
        You should re-read what I wrote… it’s a challenge for all to get tough… Can you read?
        As for you being a combat Vet… I doubt it. A fifth of all claiming to be Vietnam Vets are fakes and you sound like a fake; all hubris and no balls.

        • Soldiers only start caring when they get out, and are then treated like the rest of us.
          If Vets had anything other than hot air from the 60’s coming from them, we would not be here. Disregard their rhetoric from here on. Lemmings that could not make it any other place, besides killing People, in the World, and who work for bankers and criminals, the lot of them.

  9. The military and police officers are going to have some serious decisions to make
    too bad a couple dozen of bastuhns stormtroopers weren’t shot and killed for invasion of private property

  10. Eric Holder is going to be THE cause of tens of thousands of Troops being killed. Americans have had enough! They have us backed into a corner and this time, we are coming out fighting!!!!

  11. They will die trying. No threat, just a promise. We are not going to capitulate to thugs and tyrants of a DEFACTO Government. “come and take them”. Semper Fi!


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