SHOCKER – 11 US liberal run cities make the list of the Top 30 cities on EARTH with highest homeless person counts

Top 30 global cities with highest homeless populations

1. Manila, Phillippines
2. Buenos Aires, Argentina
3. Moscow, Russia
4. Kanpur, India
5. New York, United States
6. Kolkata, India
7. Chicago, United States
8. Washington DC, United States
9. Mumbai, India
10. Lagos, Nigeria
11. Damascus, Syria
12. Delhi, India
13. Los Angeles, United States
14. San Francisco, United States
15. Surat, India
16. Sau Palo, Brazil
17. Mexico City, Mexico
18. Athens, Greece
19. Auckland, New Zealand
20. Tampa, United States
21. Seattle, United States
22. San Jose, United States
23. Budapest, Hungary
24. Oakland, United States
25. Dublin, Ireland
26. San Diego, United States
27. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
28. Rome, Italy
29. Denver, United States
30. Lisbon, Portugal

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