Should be thrown out. The hiding of, likely, exculpatory info is incredulous. The depravity of Comey, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Yates, Clapper, and McCabe is breathtaking!

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Time to fire Mueller. The President who was rightly elected by the people has been hounded and hampered by the elected by no one Mueller. This is not how the republic is supposed to work. Its long past time to end the Russia Investigation. Fire Mueller, appoint a new special council to wind it down and end it.

See also  San Francisco's tech millionaire are quitting the city for London (tech moguls who are mega-donors to the Democratic Party should be forced to stay in the socialist utopias they helped create)
See also  House Republicans vote to OVERTURN Biden's student loan forgiveness plan (why should taxpayers be forced to foot the cost for making the banksters whole on non-performing loans they made to Biden-supporting special snowflake deadbeats?)

Mueller, not elected by anyone, does not have more power than the President.

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