Should President Trump Be Impeached?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
In recent news, Democrats have showcased their flagrant ignorance via their calls to impeach President Trump. Despite their dismay, their movements to impeach the President lack any basis or foundation. Mr Trump has not breached any laws whatsoever. He is simply following through on the promises he made to this country while running for office and liberals cannot stand it. We the people should expect no less from the person we elect to lead our nation.

USA Today recently posted an opinion editorial which expresses Susan Heinrichs’ foolish desires to impeach President Trump because “her tax dollars” fund his trips and security detail. She naively views her discontentment with the President as grounds for him to be removed from office. I wonder if she held the same sentiments when Republicans objected to Obama’s excessive golf trips and influx of dangerous refugees. Heinrichs’ desperate behavior is truly no surprise though. The past few months have solidified the fact that liberals are incapable of accepting a loss in a classy, dignified manner.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reported that Democrats are “actively listening to cases being made for Trump’s impeachment.” She continued with remarks that Presidents are impeached for breaking the law, not for policies that some people may view unfavorably. In her own words, President Trump’s supporters “might not have been so great in voting for him.” This analysis is quite intriguing: Would Pelosi have prefered that Trump supporters voted for a candidate under FBI investigation and engulfed in scandals throughout her entire political career? Of course, she would. Democrats are known sympathizers of lawbreakers. Look at how much they rally behind illegal immigrants.
The Left’s attempt to impeach Mr. Trump is nothing more than sour grapes. He ran a fair campaign and fought fiercely against Hillary Clinton. Election Day arrived and the Donald Trump emerged as the winner. Democrats must now grow up and accept the results of the election even when it displeases them. The irony of this matter is when liberals believed they were winning, they dismissed all claims of lies, corruptions, and election tampering/rigging. Unsurprisingly, their tune has changed drastically since their loss. They must now either suck it up or retreat to their safe spaces because the President is not going anywhere.

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