Should you be wondering what the British reaction is to Donald Trump

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by Mark Angelides

Should you be wondering what the British reaction is to Donald Trump’s election and performance to date, rest assured that many Brexit voters see a kindred spirit in those that wish to break free from the elitist shackles.  Many supporters of Brexit saw Trump’s election as a continuation of the revolution in politics that has begun sweeping the globe. In fact, many Brexiteers worried that a Clinton victory would have implications that could force to the UK to stay in the EU (Globalist do tend to stick together and as Obama stated “Britain would be at the back of the queue (for trade deals”)).
But for many Brits, there is still an element of worry that the battles are not yet over.
There are some obvious parallels between the two political earthquakes of 2016 (The Donald & Brexit). Some are quite apparent, such as the anti-establishment element, the appalling media scaremongering, and the elite’s sheer shock at the final results. But other similarities are more subtle. And it is in the subtleties that we can see the seeds of outright treachery.
What has happened in Brexit, and is now happening in the aftermath Donald Trump’s stunning victory, is not organic protesting or naturally occurring reactions. Everything that is seen as a “response” is in fact not; it was planned and prepared in advance as a failsafe system.
These plans are actually quite clear now that we have two events to compare. They work in stages and often involve the same people or groups. Let’s look at the globalist battle plan in stages.
Stage 1: Before the Vote
There was a steady stream of media outpour that focused on three themes: The impossibility of victory for Trump and Brexit, how bad the people behind and in front the campaigns were, and what terrible people we must be if we vote for them. This was not the world’s media looking at facts and coming to exactly the same conclusions, this was a concerted play to limit and humiliate the vote.
The economic scaremongering reached fever pitch with economists, bankers and “independent” experts telling us that the sky would fall the day after if we voted the wrong way.
Polls were rigged. This is not a clever play on words; polls were actually rigged to favour the status quo. The poll results were then presented not to inform but to persuade voters. Because it’s in our very nature to not want to be the outsider, the use of false poll data is a coercive measure. One of the main tactics involved showing Hilary to have the lead over Donald based on a poll. Seems fair, right? But what they don’t tell you is about the raw data from the poll. Consider Bloomberg’s poll (Nov 4-6) in which Clinton lead Trump 44 to 42. In the raw data, the Registered Democrats and Democrat leaning participants were by far in excess of the Republican and Republican leaning participants. Of course Clinton came out with a lead! If Bloomberg had done a 50/50 split of voters, then Trump would have been very much in the lead.
Stage 2: During the Vote
Cast doubt on the legitimacy of areas that appear to be favoring the insurgent. Spread stories about voter fraud, outside influence (in both Brexit and Trump’s win, the bad guy apparently influencing both was Vladimir Putin), fixed voting machines and the big favourite: Intimidation of voters at the polling stations. To date, there has been no credible evidence that any of this ever took place on the Trump and Brexit sides, but quite a lot on the status quo side.
Stage 3: After the Election
Protest and question the legitimacy of the vote. Everyone is entitled to protest; this is part of what makes both our countries great. But these are not organic protests. They are paid provocateurs organized by big business and the elite. There are a wealth of “organic” protest sites opening up on the web that have no history, but all seem to be connected to, the Democrat party or George Soros. This is as true for Trump as it is for Brexit.
File legal challenges at every opportunity. Many of these, they do not expect to win, but the ever cooperative media will spin it for all its worth making even the most focused voter question if there is some fire to go with the smoke.
Calls for impeachment or overturning will become more and more commonplace with the aim of putting the idea into people’s heads that this is a probability in the future.
These are all playbook procedures. If you think they’re not, just watch what happened in the Dutch (Wilders) and French (Le pen) elections this year. Two populist candidates who were looking to upset the status quo, whether you approve of them or not, you’ll see that the same stages were in place.  And then ask yourself a question: If the same tactics, organizations and procedures are involved in all major elections around the world, if their interests are really that global, how much do they really think of your country?

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1 thought on “Should you be wondering what the British reaction is to Donald Trump

  1. I have family in Germany and have been there for a few weeks earlier this year. Sadly, news there aren’t looking good. People essentially follow the line put out by the corporate media to the extent that they believe Macron was the anti-establishment candidate (because he wasn’t a member of either big party in France), Brexit was caused by fascist xenophobes, and Trump is the American version of Hitler.
    That’s why they don’t even have any real opposition running in their elections later this year, essentially it’s Merkel (EU/NATO globalist) vs. Schulz (another EU/NATO globalist, former leader of the EU parliament), and a few small parties that won’t get anywhere and are more or less in line with the agenda anyway.
    I think a big problem is that they don’t have working alternative media outlets (there are a few, like – but they’re small and largely ignored) — most sites telling what really happened tell it in English, and while most Germans can read English, they’re too lazy to follow the news in a language other than their own.
    While we may not like globalization the way the banksters want it, we need to learn from them. The alternative media need to go global and more multilingual.

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