Shutdown 2.0 Begins: Ivy League CANCELS ALL FALL SPORTS, U.S. Senator Pressures Others To Follow

via Half Dollar:

In order to have an economic recovery, it seems you have to first open back-up.

Not close back down.

Which begs the question: Since the bulk of the Deep State Globalist Presidents come from Ivy League Schools, including the current Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing, Donald Trump (Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania), does it not make sense for the schools of choice for the corrupt and vile rich and famous to make the first move?

And to think, just this morning, in an article about the use of silver in combating the coronavirus on the Tokyo subway system, we learn via subtle indication that some places are indeed getting back to business as usual.

Assuming this reporting is accurate (bold added for emphasis):

Tokyo’s labyrinthine rail network of about 900 stations and roughly 85 lines has seen passenger numbers approach pre-virus levels since the city’s de facto lockdown was lifted in late May.

Passenger numbers are “approaching pre-virus levels”?


Because back in the Land of the Free, we’re shutting things down, again.

The latest being college sports, which, for now, is limited to the Ivy League.

From The Washington Post:

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The Ivy League on Wednesday became the first Division I conference to suspend all fall sports, including football, leaving open the possibility of moving some seasons to the spring if the coronavirus pandemic is better controlled by then.

“We simply do not believe we can create and maintain an environment for intercollegiate athletic competition that meets our requirements for safety and acceptable levels of risk,” the Ivy League Council of Presidents said in a statement.

“We are entrusted to create and maintain an educational environment that is guided by health and safety considerations. There can be no greater responsibility — and that is the basis for this difficult decision.”

Side note: Did anybody else walk the stands selling sodas or hot dogs at college football games as a kid?

Ahh, those were good times (at Kenan Stadium, Chapel Hill, North Carolina), and I distinctly remember making $50 – $80 in profit per game selling soda as a kid.

Regardless, now that the Ivy League has made its move, the pressure is on for others to follow.

From USA Today:

In the wake of the Ivy League announcing Wednesday that fall sports will not be held during the upcoming semester because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., called on other college sports conferences to do the same.

“There’s absolutely nothing different between the Ivy League and any division except for the money, to be very blunt,” Blumenthal told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s about the money. And if the other schools fail to follow the Ivy League’s lead, it will be only because of the money. And, in fact, it will be another misguided act in a long litany of putting school profits ahead of the people who play for them.”

I’ve asked this question before, and I’ll ask it again: Which sports will survive in the United States?

There’s a reason why in many parts of the world, it’s soccer, soccer, or soccer.

In the United States, is there room for football, basketball and baseball in the American mainstream?

And what about the “lesser” sports, as in, those that don’t bring in the big bucks?

Fortunately, for the sports aficionados out there, Wrestling has been deemed “essential”:

Of course, I’m using the definition of “sport” very generously here.




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