SHUTTING DOWN The Federal Justice System with Jim Bell

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Jim Bell, a noted essayist and cryptoanarchist who has spent 13 years in prison and has studied the law to exhaust. A man against taxation, for underground payment structures to keep politicians in check and well… against government coercion against free individuals in general.
Mr. Bell has come up with a campaign to effectively shut down the Federal Justice System entirely in order to stop victimless crime and stop flooding the prison system many of you may know as the prison industrial complex.
As Jim Bell notes, Federal prisons currently house around 184,000 prisoners (not including the black sites) and this is at a typical cost of $40,000 a year per prisoner. 7.36 billion dollars total a year.
Jim says on his website that he has found the Federal Justice System “off switch” and that he intends to flick it.
75% or more of the 77,000 Federal prosecutions each year are victimless crimes. Out of that there are only about 2,500 trials. The system is built to force most defendants to simply give up.
97.3% of defendants pleaded guilty with no trial in 2016. If they do not plead guilty they are faced by an even longer sentence.
If everyone pleaded not guilty, the Federal Justice System would be unable to deal with the heavy load of trials. Instead of the in depth investigations, the Feds would be more likely to simply drop the charges.
Jim’s idea is to offer each defendant around $3000 to fight the charges and plead not guilty. He believes that the Fed at the most can put on 3000-5000 trials a year rather than 77,000, therefor it’s viable for the system to be shut down by an overload of not guilty pleas for victimless crimes if Jim’s organization can get enough signatures.
The organization would contact all defendants using PACER.GOV. Defendants would receive $3000 if they demand and receive a jury trial. If all the defendants stick together this could be of epic scale.
If all defendants demand a jury trial, perhaps only 3,000-
5,000 would get it. The rest would be able to walk free!
The problem? Getting the money which is why we did this interview. This could actually help keep thousands of people a year out of prison for victimless crimes. This could also lead to their charges being dropped entirely.
You can find Jim Bell’s campaign at! You can support him with crypto or cash there!
It’s all good and fine to talk about the end results we want to see, but its mighty interesting to see someone find a path to that end result.

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  1. I have said this for years…and as the baby boomer generation begins to get older, have most of them plead not guilty if charged with something stupid. Let them pay to put a bunch of elderly people into prisons that do not violate our 8th Amendment Rights. The bill will be $200,00 per inmate per year! Ha!
    RJ O’Guillory


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