Sick: Art Gallery in Portland Depicts ISIS Style Trump Beheading

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by Chris Black

This is yet another example of Lefties keeping it classy, i.e. the tolerant left in all its splendor, showing us one more time why progressives are allied with radical Islam in their effort to destroy the Western civilization, as per their idol Karl Marx’ obsession. And that’s because the left and Islam are basically sharing the same values, there’s no way around it.  The picture above is part of One Grand Gallery‘s  “Fuck you Mr. President” exhibit from July 13th. This post-modern so-called art is the end-result of decades of cultural Marxism, brought to you by the Frankfurt School&friends.  Deconstructivism at its best. As per Business Insider:

“An art gallery in Portland, Oregon, is facing backlash online after displaying a poster depicting President Donald Trump being beheaded in its front window. Commenters took to Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp on Tuesday after One Grand Gallery shared an image of the poster in a now-deleted social media post.”

Following the backlash, they are now claiming foul play:

The image of the POTUS being decapitated, and this horrible act presented as an art form of sorts shows us beyond reasonable doubt that the Trump Derangement Syndrome is still alive and kicking in progressive circles all around the US.

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The gallery’s Facebook page was “raided” on Tuesday by hundreds of Trump supporters, who posted memes and pro Trump messages. This image depicting Trump’s beheading was displayed on a window on SE 10th Avenue.

The photo exhibited apparently in the gallery’s store window prompted many people to report the incident to the Secret Service. Other so-called art pieces inside the gallery depict President Trump as Hitler, and also rockets with penises on them. I wonder how old these people are…

This is not art, but murder-porn, regardless of what the “experts” are claiming. The only way to prevent another tragedy from happening (remember the shooting of Rep. Scalise) would be if the secret service starts arresting these crazies and they get prosecuted. It is not free speech when you depict an assassination of a political figure in the United States.

We’ve seen how many dozens of these things happen against Trump now? Yet I don’t recall a single one of them against Obama. Certainly not anywhere near what we have seen coming repeatedly towards Trump. And yes, even when the slightest thing was done against dear leader Obama (the rodeo-clown wearing an Obama mask for example, and he got fired for that innocent stunt), the entire world came to a screeching halt and everybody screamed “racist”.  How is it that Republicans are shot on a baseball field by a leftist, Conservative speakers are shut down by leftists on college campuses, Free Speech rallies “provoke” violence by leftists, and an “art gallery” can publically display an ISIS-inspired picture involving the POTUS? These are the same people decrying “hate speech” by the way; 75 years ago, we sailed halfway around the globe to fight communism. Now they have infested America and are concentrated in places like Portland. If we realized what a threat they were half a world away, how much of a threat are they here? Time to get busy one last time.

This is not free speech. It’s incitement. We can’t go on this way. They’re inciting a ‘precipitating event’. This is unacceptable and warrants a visit from the secret service.  Free speech has limits and this is way over the line. We have to win at the ballot box and the public square alike. This is Banana Republic BS, beneath the great history of The United States.

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Stay vigilant –and stay armed.


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