Silicon Valley CEO: Middle America is Violent, Racist, and a Sh*thole

by Amna El Tawil
A CEO of a Silicon Valley’s startup company TimeShare CMO made it perfectly clear what she thinks about middle America.
Melinda Byerley, the founder of TimeShare CMO, tweeted a screenshot of her Facebook post wherein she wrote about things that middle America would have to do to bring more jobs to the community.
Byerley premised her advice by stating that “one thing middle America could do is to realize that no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people. Especially violent, racist, and/or misogynistic ones.”
According to her statement corporations don’t want to locate “call centers, factors, development centers, etc” because they must also deal with the fact that small towns “have nothing going for them. No infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system.”
So basically, if you live in middle America and want to get a job, you must “clean up your act and make your town a place that people like us want to live in”, at least that’s what Melinda Byerley says.
The Daily Caller reports this Silicon Valley CEO assumes “no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people.” Particularly, in a “shithole” filled with people who are “violent, racist, and/or misogynistic.” In Byerley’s opinion, “big corporations,” do not consider moving to the heart of America because “those towns have nothing going for them.”

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30 thoughts on “Silicon Valley CEO: Middle America is Violent, Racist, and a Sh*thole”


  1. So an adult woman, who apparently can type, who lives in the state of California is the biggest shit hole, ever= but wants to let those who work hard and actually sell a product, not an idea or some lame ass time share condo- an actual farmer or warehouse worker- gets a load of bullshit from this cunt. Now that is rich. Why is it -the ugly inside n out- get to be the spokes hole? Never ever had the use for a time share and only twats use them- so she gets to deal with twats all day and now has become one. You gotta laugh, in her neck of the woods you get a 1 bedroom condo for a lil over 500 thou- and right outside your gated condo you get homeless and all the illegals all these aholes want to bus in but not pay for. This lady- and I use the term loosely- should shut her ugly fat 1950 hair do’d mouth . Another bitch who thinks her opinion matters- tell you mom -you really arent that important to the rest of us.Where you live is the biggest shit hole ever.

  2. And as these arrogant loons get richer, the US fragmentation along with stoked-up, societal divisions, bring wars to the streets that much nearer.
    RIP a once-proud Republic.

  3. “People like us”. That one always gets me to giggling. If you turn it around and use “people like you” on them, their heads explode. What this brainless elitists misses is that middle America does not want her or her kind anywhere near.

    • Most Americans have heard of Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley. Far fewer have heard of East Palo Alto, the poor neighbor across the freeway. Melinda’s idea of diversity is whites, East Indians, and Chinese; the blacks and Mexicans who work as maids, landscapers, restaurant workers, and babysitters have to live in their own ghetto.

  4. I live in a small town, and I am so thankful I don’t share a neighborhood with this stuck up bitch. I have social anxiety, and these type of people actually make me ill!

    • This morning I spotted a neighbor on the easement road trying to shovel his car out of a snowy predicament. My wife and I were down there with shovels as fast as we could get there. When it became clear that his car was not going to make it up the hill through ice, we helped get the car off the road and parked on my property until the ice melts. Then we walked this feeble old man 1/2 mile to his home to make sure he got there okay. This is what we violent, racist, misogynist people in small towns do.
      As for Melinda Byerley, she could call a tow truck and get a cab in this same situation. Please, please, please never move to my small town.

      • I’ll take “Neighbors who are True HERO’s”, Alex, for a thousand…..
        You and your wife are amazing! You’re neighbor is to fortunate to have you.
        This ugly foul broad is a Punk, a Bully. a Bigot who goes low….I hope she experiences repercussions for the filth she spewed from her dank pie hole….just sayin’

  5. Well, said by an Asshole who’s way over paid Crews of, self centered, selfish, braggarts that are driving up Housing cost and rents. Because they can, and are proud of it. Should he relocate his Business to one of those “shit holes”. It would be greatly appreciated by those of US WHO have been living in Bay Area All our lives and Now can’t.
    To this, of YOU offended by this jerk. Please feel Lucky He isn’t coming to ruin YOUR Cities with His type of “progress”. Unless you are a Bar/Restaurant or similar Service Provider. Silicon Valley contributes VERY LITTLE to the Communities it moves it’s workers into. They don’t assimilate, they dominate, disperse and do little more then lip service to Community. I say this despite the Glowing article about Silicon Vally’s impact on North Oakland/Temescal in the NY Times. Gone or going are ALL the SMALL Community based Business’s that make a Community what it was/is. Be glad he says what he thinks about You. I wish it was My Community he was talking about.

  6. It is amazing that people think that there are no consequences to the spewing such rubbish. Its a form of cowardice. NO way she would have the guts to say that to a persons face. I drove myself across the US once and I found people in small town America to be very friendly and nice people.

  7. Gee, I live in middle America where the murder rate is lower than Europe, black and white mingle and date, people stop and chat in the grocery store, kids still run around the neighborhoods unsupervised because it’s their ‘safe space’, and everyone keeps up their property so as to make the community nice. High rates of high school graduation, lots of small manufacturing, and even an arts center. Everyone is armed to the teeth, and nobody shoots anybody.
    If this is a s–thole, then may I have more of it, please?

  8. This psychotic bitch is the poster child for the Democratic Party. Arrogant, condescending, self righteous, tofu slurping, latte sipping, unicorn riding hypocrite. She is willing to put her poltical agenda above her business needs. I think she actually believes conservatives don’t spend money, market their products and compete in the global market place.

  9. Ok…. so all of us are in ‘flyover country’ and we are all dumb racist rednecks that think women should be barefoot and pregnant? I would encourage everyone to boycott anything this mindless brainwashed liberal and anything she is attached to. I would also suggest a mass call/ e-mail campaign against her, and anyone that does business with her upstart business, as well as her upstart self. with that being said…..
    I live in Wyoming, Yeah i know, all the liberals out there are wonder if wyoming is a state or a city in montana…. our schools ranked 5th in the nation… (we used to be 2nd) … we have a top notch engineering universtiy that puts out MANY skilled and qualified engineers, unlike the west coast schools that put out un-educated sports stars, and over entitled liberal arts majors. Our main outputs for economic development are oil and natural gas (we sit on one of the biggest DRILLED natural gas fields in the US), and TRONA MINING! (we have the largest trona reserves on the planet). The very fact that this mental midget thinks that no corporation would come to our intolerant, unskilled, redneck shitholes’ is luaghable at best. We have FMC, TATA Chemical, Arm and Hammer, and a few other GIANT corporations JUST MINING TRONA! ANd then there is our coal…. Bridger Power Plantm this plant supplies power for idaho, montana, and parts of oregon and montana. Also the coal found in this state is some of the lowest sulfur coal to be found in the continental united states.
    So i say again? how are we unskilled troglodytes? How would no large corporation want to do business in ‘flyover country’? I think this ‘woman’ needs a large dose of humble pie, through a boycott, email campaign to destroy her startup business, and to encourgae any company looking at doing business with her to NOT do so as it would SEVERELY effect her bottom line.
    Also… do NOT let her issuing a retraction let us back off from this obvious ignorance and PREJUDICE against anyone that doesnt think exactly like her, as if we are all supposed to be some mindless liberal borg. if she issues an apology or retraction. IGNORE IT! and double down your efforts to destroy her career and her business. This is the liberals model. It is about time we started using it against them.
    And lastly, why not resort to the CLASSIC liberal tactic of trolling this ‘woman’ and issuing veiled threats…. the left does it all the time and gets away with it. Loretta lynch will be gone in a couple weeks…. the new administration will NOT do anything… just like the last administration did nothing about threats to right leaning individuals.
    Beware the power you give your current administration…. it can be used against you in the next one.

  10. pulled a fact based, 5 paragraph comment because i suggested using liberal tactics of threats and intimidation against the left? this is why the liberty movement is losing ground…

  11. That is how you advertise your business in Southern Pedofornia. Here’s a tip for you snowflake! Corporations build in the city’s because of the huge tax breaks they get, and then they tax the rural deplorabiles,because cities are always broke. Hell, i thought everybody knew that !

  12. People like this cultural Marxist pig almost make you hope the Muslims do take over.
    Well, for about a year, anyhow. Enough time to drain the swamp for real because she and her ilk would be amongst the first to go..


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