Since we now know Manafort isn’t flipping on Trump, but may indeed be flipping on Podesta, here’s thes skinny on Podesta and Manafort’s relationship together

by jackthebutholeripper

Manapart IIPNG. He Tangoed with Hillary and Podesta in Ukraine from 2012-2014 so you know everythings cool, baby:

One recent revelation regarding Manafort that seems very important is detailed in this piece from the Hill It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me, which stresses the scope of Manafort’s wiretapped time with Trump. Which, essentially, was the entire time he worked with Trump it turns out. Interesting that the FBI had a direct line into the Trump Campaign (via Manafort) from mid 2016 – early 2017, yet, as we are all already aware thanks to the June 8th Testimony of Former FBI Director James Comey, at least up until that same date Trump was not nor had he ever been under investigation by the FBI.

Here we go:

The FBI interest in Manafort dates back at least to 2014 (sic), partly as an outgrowth of a US investigation of Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president whose pro-Russian regime was ousted amid street protests (in 2014).

Investigators have spears probing any possible role played by Manafort’s firm and other US consultants, including the Podesta Group and Mercury LLC, that worked with the former Ukraine regime. The basis for the case hinged on the failure by the US firms to register under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act, a law that the Justice Department only rarely uses to bring charges. All three firms earlier this year filed retroactive registrations with the Justice Department.

So the government wiretapped a bunch of consulting firms for failing to register under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act, all of whom retroactively registered under FARA, and one of those firms coincidentally happened to have a tie to the Trump Campaign 2 years later: Manafort’s Firm.

We already know that Manafort’s dealings in Ukraine go way further back than 2014, at least to 2007, probably earlier. Now, I can’t say for certain under who’s authority Manafort was operating up until 2010 (mostly because I’m tired of reading about him), but from then onward, including here, he was working under Prime Policy Group, a bipartisan DC based government relations firm that employs both Republicans and Democrats

So what about the Podesta Group? The influential Democratic Party-linked lobbyist headed by a top Hillary Clinton fundraiser who has been referred to as the “Hillary moneyman?” The same Podesta Group that as of 2016 represents the interests of Russia’s largest financial institution Sberbank of Russia, which controls approximately 30 percent of Russian banking assets and is “functionally an arm of the Kremlin”?That’s Hildog’s crew alright. Ooo does this get weird.

Source Try to follow along here:

The European Centre for a Modern Ukraine was formed in (April) 2012 by three senior members of the Party of Regions, a (Ukrainian) pro-Russia party led by President Viktor Yanukovych and advised by Manafort.

I. Manafort having already been an adviser of the Pro-Russia Ukrainian party prior to this date means (which we already know) that his work with the pro-russia party actually began during a period of time when the United States was actively engaged in efforts to normalize relations with the Russian government, also known as the Russian Reset

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– The reset (overload) button lives in infamyJPG

II. The European Centre for a Modern Ukraine was registered as a client of Podesta Group, Inc the same year it was formed, and one month before Vladimir Putin reclaimed his seat as President of Russia (totally dicking up the Russian Reset reset, amongst other things, not that the reset was going great to begin with but still, didn’t help.)

III. In the same period that Podesta Group, Inc registered the center as a client, Manafort referred the center to Mercury Public affairs as well, according to Michael McKeon a Mercury partner. “Our task was to bring Ukraine closer to the West,” McKeon said. Furthermore, a Podesta spokesman also said his firm’s work for the center was supervised by Manafort’s consulting associate Rick Gates.

IV. Although both the Podesta Group and Mercury have said they believed the center was an independent group that was not funded or directed by Ukraine’s government, lobbying reports show extensive work for Ukraine’s government

… As Podesta Group lobbyists met privately with officials in Washington, they left a clear impression that they were representing Ukraine’s government, according to seven people who were lobbied

….The Podesta Group did not dispute that its employees said they were representing the Ukrainian government’s interests.

So how did The Podesta Group get tangled up in this mess to begin with? It’s not like Hilldog had anything to do with that, so why even bring her up?

V. The Podesta Group’s work for the center peaked in October 2012 at a crucial time in U.S.-Ukraine relations. Europe’s leading election observer reported in early October 2012 that candidates in Ukraine were being attacked, opposition leaders were imprisoned, and that reports were circulating of intimidation, bribery and vote-buying.

Clinton, then secretary of state, voiced concerns about the election four days before it was held and called it “an important bellwether” of the Ukrainian government’s commitment to democratic institutions.

So, naturally

The Podesta Group went to work (under the authority of the same people in charge of Manafort)

I’m not going to pretend to have any idea exactly what went on here, maybe I’ll get a little more involved some other time. What matters is that any conclusions you could draw about Manafort regarding this particular matter, you’d also have to draw to some of Hildog’s favorite cronies, and quite possibly Hildog herself, since they were all working together.

(I honestly just stumbled upon this while looking up Manafort but had never seen it beforre and thought it was interesting (Hildog’s ties to Russia if anyone’s interested. I can’t vet the accuracy of those particular claims though, I only perused them. Looks legit though

Idk Manafort’s deal honestly, but whatever it is, it implicates much more on Hillary’s team than it possibly could the Donald’s. I’m starting to think he might have been a plant,or a patsy, all along but I have no idea.


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