Since we were talking about “The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms,” let’s talk about the shifting poles and Earth’s weakening magnetosphere.

by Ciancay


Regardless of your opinions on crustal displacement, we are seeing strong evidence of a pole reversal in current times. Moreover, we are seeing a correlation between rapid pole movement and the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field, which is what protects us from a plethora of radiation and electromagnetic forces. This could be extremely dangerous for our species. Solar flares seem to be particularly dangerous during this period of weakened protection.

Solar flares are measured by a series of numbers and letters. There are weaker solar storms than M or X class, but I’ll be focusing on those for this comment.

  • M1 is fairly weak.
  • X1 is ten times stronger than M1.
  • X10 is ten times stronger than X1 and 100 times stronger than M1.
  • X100 is ten times stronger than X10, 100 times stronger than X1, and 1000 times stronger than M1.

Take the Carrington Event of 1859. It is estimated that this solar storm was anywhere from an X35-X45. Intense auroras were seen, the entire planet went without power for 12-24 hours, and the entirety of Earth’s telegraph system was instantly fried. Telegraph operators actually suffered burns as a result of this event. It was a substantial solar storm, and the effects are obvious, but it would have been far worse by today’s standards. In a time where all of your money is electronic, where virtually everyone’s mode of transportation relies on one form of electricity or another, where communication and shelter rely on electricity, and the population of the world has fucktupled, we would be far worse off if struck by a similar storm. Luckily, when the Carrington Event happened, we had little reliance on electricity and a strong magnetic field.

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As recently as 50 years ago (heck, even 20 years ago), we were handling X-class solar flares with minimal to no disruption. Fast forward to the past decade, where we have seen a drastic acceleration of the poles shifting and a corresponding weakening of the magnetic field, and even storms as weak as M5-M9 have caused measurable ground and atmospheric disruption, such as transformers exploding, navigation technology going haywire causing the grounding of flights, strange weather patterns, and a variety of other electrical mishaps. In other words, weaker and weaker solar flares are having greater and greater effects on our planet and grid.

If the trend of the weakening magnetosphere continues as the poles continue to shift, X-class solar flares could devastate our power grid and lead to a damn near apocalyptic scenario. No more food on shelves after 48 hours. Utter chaos in the streets. Governments would be unable to control the chaos as their tools for doing so would be reduced to analog technology. These are just the immediate dangers. Radiation would seep into our atmosphere and undoubtably affect us and the wildlife in ways that are difficult to predict. Billions would die.

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Couple this with the periodic rise and fall of activity in our sun. Our sun’s magnetosphere offers us protection as well. Right now the sun’s magnetosphere is also seeing a declining trend. Moreover, within the next couple generations our solar system is expected to move out of a magnetically charged cloud of dust that is also offering us protection. It’s like a trifecta of weakening protections threatening to plunge us into more cosmic radiation than our species has ever known. Absolutely crazy shit.

A great source to get you started. Entire channel is constantly researching this topic.

There are a lot of theories about the next mass extinction event, what will cause it, and how urgent it is. Some will tell you climate change, others will say general pollution and overpopulation, some will say nuclear war, some will say crazy huge asteroid colliding with earth. Personally, I put my stock in the pole shift and consequent weakening of our magnetic field. It seems the most urgent as we are currently experiencing the beginning of the flip, and the effects are already being measured.



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