Since WSJ and Barron’s wrote articles on now being the best time to invest in small caps, the Russell Index has lost 200 pts

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November 12th:

“Inflation Bets Give a Boost to Small-Cap Stocks Smaller companies can manage inflationary pressures more quickly than larger ones, say investors who are seeking refuge from price increases”

November 12th: Barrons

Small-Cap Stocks Are in Line to Be Big Winners in 2022

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Look at the 1 month chart and it’s been a steady drop since these 2 articles happened. Very frustrating as I went all in on small caps and they are easily my biggest losers especially on a day like today with the market super up.

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Since the 12th, there has been only ONE day the Index went up (by a measly 5 points), every other day has gone down.


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