Singapore back in lockdown despite 80+% vaccinated… COVID-19 cases at record high

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Singapore is one of the highest vaxxed countries in the world (using Pfizer) and yet just like Israel they have seen MORE cases now than prior to the vax.
They have just announced fresh lockdown measures….only 2 people allowed to ‘group’, people must work and school from home among other measures.
Singapore is a small country of under 6 million, borders have remained tight for 18 months (14 day hotel quarantine on arrival), no tourists and yet they, just like Israel are proof that the vax does nothing to curb cases and hospitalisations.
They are moving ahead with boosters from next week. More of the same MUST equal a different outcome….Right?…

Singapore COVID-19 cases at record high. 80% fully vaccinated. Just like Israel, UK, etc;

We are heading for the same result here in Thailand. Rapid vax programmes are now underway so I expect to see cases start to peak again Jan/Feb 22 aka Israel and Singapore.
Thailand borders have been shut to tourists for 18+ months already and there is 14 day hotel quarantine for returnees. The economy is decimated and the people here are thinking that the vax will put things back to normal.
Singapore should have learned from Israel (Israel got fully vaxxed first), and Thailand should learn from Israel and Singapore.
No such chance. They are all beholden to the same masters and have to adopt the inadequate measures even though their govts are taking a lot of heat from their citizens.

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