Situation report: Iraq in domestic chaos; Fed trying to increase liquidity in banks! Orlando lakes rising; AI creates virtual beings

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Masked gunmen storm Iraq television office amid reports 94 killed and nearly 4000 wounded in anti-government protests

By Associated Press
6:56am Oct 6, 2019


The Federal Reserve announced that it will extend through October the ad hoc liquidity lifeline that it’s been offering to U.S. funding markets since a spike in rates in the middle of last month.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Friday that it will conduct operations for overnight repurchase agreements through Nov. 4, having previously only scheduled them through Oct. 10. The central bank also announced eight new term offerings to provide additional funding through this month.

Orlando: It’s not clear what’s causing the water to rise, or how to fix it. DeHart and others have a few theories, including runoff from nearby roadways and the construction of a new subdivision on land that was filled in and raised higher. Those issues and others were highlighted in an engineering report earlier this year.

Orange County officials have been aware of the problem since at least 2007, when a study commissioned by the county stormwater management division indicated that flooding was affecting one home in particular in the Gotha area. The study noted that the four bodies of water in the community are landlocked, with no drainage. It looked at the feasibility of connecting them, and putting a drain well near Lake Nally.

No action was taken.

… they’re going to focus primarily on artificial intelligence and “virtual beings,” or characters you can interact with naturally across any sort of medium.


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