Situation Worse Than Reported in China – Firsthand Knowledge Here

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News is reporting 17,000 cases of coronavirus. I believe China is under-reporting and covering up something that is likely worse by a factor of 10. My company has a tiny office of less than 50 people in Wuhan. Multiple employees are ill. No one is permitted to return to the city if they’re already out. Employees at a factory two hours away are also ill. We’re looking at MINIMUM 1% to 3% infected inside and outside Wuhan. Extrapolate to a population of 11 million in the city … it’s more likely there are 110,000 to 330,000 infected and 2,000 to 6,000 dead just in Wuhan, not to mention surrounding areas.

There is no rational reason to shut down access to/from Wuhan and build new hospitals unless the situation is so dire that they believe it will quickly spiral out of control. They’re ordering the burning of bodies, banning funerals and saying they’re going to kill people’s pets. That is not a proportionate response to a SARS-style virus with 17,000 illnesses. China is lying (duh) about the virus, its origins and the spread of the disease, and this is going to get much worse before it gets better.


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