SKRIPAL, SYRIA, NATO & BREXIT: why they are all Siamese quads joined at the Head

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by John Ward

An unsatisfactory and suspicious ‘end’ to the Skripal affair, the threat of another false flag over Syria, an incestuous EUNATO army, and a Brexit that is no longer Brexit. Try as hard as they may, there is no way anyone can convincingly suggest that these outcomes are random. Those who continue to push for them are gambling with every human life on Earth.


Although Yuria Skripal was discharged from hospital some weeks ago, we don’t know where to. And while her father Sergei is pretty perky now, he’s not quite perky enough to speak to us. The last ‘solid’  news was that the two would be given false identities, and resettled in the US under the auspices of the CIA.

There seems to me an indelible Truth on one issue in particular: if the pair were going to play ball with the UK/EUNATO line on the poisoning, they’d have been wheeled out in front of the media by now.

Yuria’s cousin told Russian media yesterday that she “doesn’t sound like herself on the phone… senses she is under duress”. But surely she is the innocent victim of an evil Russian plot, and therefore her every word would be a powerful weapon in the non-stop rush around the never-ending maze of propaganda we’ve seen from all sides?

Lest anyone should forget, this was the timeline on the brief sprint from the Skripals being attacked to missiles raining down on Syria:

  • March 5th – news of attack on couple breaks. The Daily Telegraph writes, ‘Reports suggest Col Skripal had recently gone to police claiming he was fearing for his life’. Police have never confirmed this, or indeed even mentioned it. It seems unlikely that a seasoned spy would do such a thing: he’d talk to his Controller.
  • March 7th – Skripal senior is “fighting for his life”.
  • March 8th – first policeman on the scene “in a serious condition in hospital”. He wasn’t seriously injured at all: he was discharged within 36 hours.
  • March 12th – Theresa May tells House of Commons she is sure Skripals were attacked using nerve agent “developed in Russia”. There is no proof of this at all, but plenty of evidence to suggest the agent was lab, not factory, produced.
  • March 17th – Russian foreign ministry predicts false flag chemical attack in Syria.
  • March 20th – Boris Johnson gives extensive media interviews saying Russian denial of blame “is now untenable”.
  • March 21st – Johnson tells MPs Skripal poisoning was “long arm of Russian revenge”, says Jeremy Corbyn doubts about this “regrettable”.
  • April 3rd – Johnson tells Die Welle in filmed interview that Porton Down “in no doubt that agent is Novichok made in Russia”. This was clearly untrue.
  • April 7th – EU leaders flock to support Johnson having withdrawn diplomats from Russia.
  • April 14th – US, Britain and France fire 103 missiles at Damascus to “destroy chemical weapons facilities”. However, 70 out of 103 land on Assad’s conventional armed forces and airfields.

It took just over five weeks to go from largely unsubstantiated claims of a Russian nerve agent attack on two former spies in Britain to the air strike against the régime of Bashar Assad.

When Adlai Stevenson went to the UN in October 1962, he showed conclusive U2 aerial photography of the existence of Russian-supplied ICBMs on Cuba. Eventually, WW3 was averted without a shot being fired. Over Skripal and Syria, the West has fired 103 missiles at the territory of a foreign power with little secure evidence, one risibly unidentifiable shot of some buildings that could’ve been anything anywhere, and no approval from the UK’s sovereign body.

The assumption among most people in the West is that the demonstration of power is over, and now we’re all going to try to be nicer to each other in future.

From my perspective, I think this is cloud-cuckoo stuff. Here’s why……

First up, a thumping great chunk of the US fleet is still steaming towards a new generation of Russian land-to-sea missiles against which it has no defence. They may well be within range already.

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Second, it would be totally out of character for the US/UK/EUNATO intelligence-to-neocon foreign policy axis to draw back, having (to their minds) just “got away with” a very  dubiously rationalised attack on a rival power……based on what looks increasingly like a staged chemical attack as the excuse. Their intention, without much doubt, will be to launch another, even bigger, black op.

Don’t dismiss that as conspiracy nonsense. A poisoning begat a tense environment which begat a chemical attack which begat a missile strike….in just 37 days.

You have to ask why an undefended US fleet is heading into this potential war zone. Do not be surprised if one or more of the ships is “attacked”. Do not be surprised if the Western media fall into line and print further fantasies about crazy Russian dictators hellbent on world domination – followed by wild talk of the need for régime change in Russia.

Third, it is clearly President Trump’s opinion that his ‘get tough’ stance on North Korea brought Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table. I find this very doubtful….almost as doubtful, in fact, as the US “boom” haha being down to his Presidency in general and tax cuts in particular. The point is, The Donald is on something of a roll at the minute; I continue to wonder whether he knows what he’s getting dragged into.

Fourth, what was dismissed by most people (including me) several years back as nutjob conspiracy paranoia – the so-called ‘MIC plan to take out six Middle Eastern countries in ten years’ – looks terrifyingly real today. Trump is close to cancelling the nuclear development ‘deal’ with Iran. There are still enough nutters in the Pentagon-State Dept-Texas oil ranks who want to settle with the Iranian régime “once Syria has been neutralised”.

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Fifth, Emmanuel Macron has gone down very well in the US: bear hugs from Donald, and a standing ovation from Congress. As the progeny of banker hegemony loons, this is Macrony doing his appointed job on behalf of those who backed him. But he also remains a rock-hardliner on EU federalism and Brexit “punishments”. He has played his cards very well, with two objectives in mind: the creation of Federica Mogherini’s EC army – “collective security against the vicious Russian bear”; and becoming America’s Number One ally in Europe – thus isolating Britain still further.

Again, it would be far too easy to dismiss this as wild speculation: the Collective Security environment is moving things on apace. Hidden away in several French newspapers this morning was the news that French “Special Forces” troops have been ‘despatched to Syria’. Meanwhile, since the Skripal caper, Brussels has seen fit to revert to its former default position of demanding a huge dilution of Brexit: Michel Barnier told a press conference on Wednesday that there could be no Brexit without Britain remaining answerable to the European Court of Justice. And alongside all this, it is glaringly obvious that the UK’s own Alt State is still working 24/7 to undermine the Brexit for which a majority of Britons voted.

At the moment, every Remoaner’s central focus is on the Customs Union issue. Massive Remain Campaign donor Michael Bloomberg yesterday said Britain leaving the customs union “is indefensible” – as indeed is his belligerent and never-ending news manipulation and censorship designed to subvert the democratic decision of a land to which he has no personal connection whatsoever.

In turn, Home Secretary Amber ‘Windrush’ Rudd today cast doubt on the Government’s policy of not being in a customs union with the EU after Brexit….a direct rebuttal of her own boss’s position. This followed various machinations in the House of Lords designed to keep the UK’s EU umbilical cord intact.

Leaving the Customs Union as part of Brexit is a very simple issue being complicated and obfuscated by various pro-EU diehards. While there is no WTO ban on being a part of the CU when negotiating a trade deal, it is more obvious than the nose every sighted person can see just below their eyelines that a default position of being complicit in European Union trade preference will always hamper a future UK’s desire to strike a mutually beneficial and independently controlled deal.

The same people who told me five years ago, “You will not be allowed to leave the EU” are, sadly, being proved right. Their rationale then still holds good today: “The EU is tied to NATO, NATO is tied to Washington, and Washington is under the yoke of the MIC led by Texan oil, the military élite and the financialisers of capitalism”.

Enjoy the weekend.

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