Sky News Agrees to be Censored by YouTube

by Martin Armstrong

Sky News has agreed to be censored to stop reporting and remove all previous posts that there is ANY way to treat COVID other than Bill Gates’ Vaccines. YouTube has become the ultimate censorship mimicking precisely how the communist press aided the Marxist Revolution. When I went to Tampa Hospital, besides telling me that being tested 5 times for COVID with negative results did not mean anything because the tests were invalid, and when St Petersburg Hospital stuck me in an isolated COVID wing that required TWO negative tests to leave because even they did not trust the testing, I was flat outright told by the hospital that the ONLY means of treatment they had for COVID was hydroxychloroquine.

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Here we have YouTube demanding that SKY News remove ALL previous posts about hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. This is a political agenda that is by no means about health. YouTube appears to want as many people to die and be denied any treatment whatsoever to further this Great Reset political agenda. Their censorship is UNETHICAL and anti-freedom.



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