Sky News: Joe Biden the ‘most profoundly confused world leader we’ve ever seen’

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Sky News host Rita Panahi says US President Joe Biden is the “most profoundly confused world leader” in history after multiple gaffes at the Glasgow conference.

Ms Panahi said President Biden has suffered “confused moments and plummeting poll numbers” after just one year as president.

“One reason for his lack of popularity is the inflation crisis; it’s an issue that impacts every single American and deserves far greater coverage, but just don’t ask the president to articulate what is happening and why,” she said.

President Biden at a speech in Scotland about inflation he said the government needed to look at the “price of chicken and beef and other things” and if there was “a violation of antitrust laws” and struggled to get through sentences.

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Ms Panahi said it is “perhaps safer” to have President Biden sleep through “major meetings” like COP26 – as the president was caught dozing twice at the summit.

“I can’t imagine why 71 per cent of Americans, including one in two Democrats, say the nation is headed in the wrong direction,” Ms Pahani said.

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