SMALL Companies Highlight BIG Worries For Looming Stock Market Crash

FANG stocks are great. Own 7 shares and you become Jeff Bezos, I get it. But for those who are interested in statistics, this information is for you. I covered a bunch of different aspects that are underreported. Do you think that financial data is obscured intentionally to keep you from knowing the truth?

There’s a huge disconnect between mega cap stocks like Amazon or Apple and those trading on the Russell. Right now, the Russell 2000 is still far below it’s all-time high experienced back in August 2018. Some worry that this is an underlying sign of trouble in the economy. Or is it simply overblown hype and a great opportunity to purchase? 


Small Company Shares Fall Behind in Sign of Economic Worry – WSJ

Recession: Would another fall in earnings signal a downturn by 2020?

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